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May 18, 2000 09:39 AM

Thanks, John Edge! (more)

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Because of your recommendation of Don Obriant's book Back Road Buffets and Country Cafes, I ordered a copy immediately and got it Monday. It's great! I've been to quite a few of those restaurants, and can hardly wait to try some that were new to me.

We're going to Jackson, MS for a few days, and already had the Mayflower on our eats list (broiled seafood platters), but have added Crechale's after reading his notes.

This book will probably replace Jane and Michael Stern's in the map pocket of my car!

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  1. Sally, I don't think you'll be disappointed by the Mayflower Cafe, but I hope you'll post a report when you return. I'd love to hear an update. Many years ago I saw Eudora Welty there having supper. That made my night. Another good spot in downtown Jackson is the Elite Cafe, just up Capitol Street from the Mayflower.


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      Thanks, Susan. I've eaten at the Mayflower for years, each time I go to Jackson, and this time it was just as it's been for ages...some of the best seafood around. It's a shame that Eudora isn't able to get out and about these days.

      We didn't make it to Crechale's. One of our party had eaten there a year or so ago, and said that he had not been terribly impressed. Since I trust his seafood tastes, we just crossed it off the list.

      I haven't been to the Elite in a long time. It's time for another visit. Thanks for the reminder!