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May 15, 2000 06:15 PM

Hungry in Charlotte

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I'm from Seattle, but living and working in Charlotte until the end of July. I've already had my fill of the fast-food joints around here (as I didn't know my way around town yet, so I stayed with what I recognized in the neighborhood I'm living in - I know, shame, shame, poor excuse), so I'm ready to explore a little more.

Anything you want to suggest, I'll consider trying. I love Italian, Mexican, BBQ, catfish, meat, pizza, Chinese, and am open to other Asian, Southern, whatever. It doesn't have to be in Charlotte proper, but within a 10-mile radius would be nice for starters.

So please, if you have ideas on where to find meals that I'll fondly recall after returning to Seattle, I (and several co-workers in the same boat) will be grateful.

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  1. Try the Catawba Fish Camp for catfish, and other items...they have an all-you-can-eat deal. You can find it by traveling south on I-77, then take Hwy 9 East to Lancaster. The fish camp is on the east side of the Catawba River. Enjoy!

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      The Open Kitchen is great for cheap italian. The atmosphere and history are worth it alone. The place has been there forever. Is the Lamplighter still there? It is great 4-star type dining. The Knife and Fork is a greasy dive but fun and consistent for local diner food. Hope this helps. I grew up there but haven't lived there in 10 yrs...

      1. re: amy c.

        Second the motion re: The Open Kitchen. (Try the Garlic Chicken Livers! I hate these little cholestrol bombs but this stuff is outstanding). Lamplighter is still open and great. Alas the Knife & Fork is no longer.

        1. re: Jim H

          When did the knife and fork close? I was just there a month or so ago and it was still going strong. Business was so brisk that they had to close their doors at 4am b/c they ran out of food.

    2. Don Quijote-Spanish
      Villa Antonio, Mangione's, Campania and MANY others-Fine Italian
      THERE IS NO GOOD REAL BBQ in Charlotte
      Twin Tops Fish Camp in Gastonia-Catfish, etc.
      House of Chinese Gourmet, Dim Sum-Chinese
      Huong Viet, Lnag Van-Vietnamese
      Thai House-Thai
      Harry's Chicken Delight-Indian
      Mert's Heart & Soul, Crawford's-Southern
      Cajun Queen, Zydeco-Cajun/Creole
      Silver Cricket-Creole/French
      Various:Pewter Rose, Dakotas, Mimosa Grill and many others
      Cuisine Malaysia-Malaysian
      Too many others to list.