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May 1, 2000 10:57 PM

Best Diner in Shreveport, Louisiana

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I think the best diner in Shreveport, Louisiana is Strawn's on Kings Hwy. across the street from Centenary College. They make homemade strawberry pies with real whipped cream on top- to die for... Also, the cheeseburger is wonderful. You can order breakfast any time of the day but if you want grits with it, you have to be there in the the morning. And if you order pancakes- ask Mr. Ricky for a "Mickey Mouse" pancake. The kids love it.

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    Gary Saunders

    I liked the Pete Harris Cafe when I traveled through
    S-port. Pretty fair soul food. Not the best of neighborhoods ... but what the heck. A good platter of collard greens is worth risking life and limb!

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