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Apr 20, 2000 04:00 PM

Ital-Mex in Raleigh?

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A friend of mine in North Carolina told me about a combination Mexican-Italian restaurant in Raleigh that sounded great, but he didn't remember the name. Does this sound familiar to any locals?

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  1. we've got a lot of great restaurants but I've been here 10 yrs and have no idea where you could be talking about. a few chain rest.s come to mind but I doubt you are referring to anything like that.

    1. It's calle Mi Tierra and is at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Millbrook Road.

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        Katherine Williams

        I have been to Mi Tierra many times and they don't serve Italian, although their food is very good! They are in a building that used to be an Italian restaurant, so maybe that is cause for confusion. Mi Tierra serves cuisines of Mexico, Cuba and some South American countries. I believe the owner is Cuban. I would imagine that the first guess that the Wildflour/Cozumel side by side restaurant is probably the place they are talking about. Although Wildflour does have some Italian dishes its more "American" in menu choices and atmosphere.

        Link: http://triangle.citysearch.com/profil...

      2. How about Wildflour Boston Pizza on Creedmoor Rd? They have a Mexican side too...
        The best lasanga in Raleigh IMO.