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Apr 20, 2000 04:00 PM

Ital-Mex in Raleigh?

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A friend of mine in North Carolina told me about a combination Mexican-Italian restaurant in Raleigh that sounded great, but he didn't remember the name. Does this sound familiar to any locals?

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  1. we've got a lot of great restaurants but I've been here 10 yrs and have no idea where you could be talking about. a few chain rest.s come to mind but I doubt you are referring to anything like that.

    1. It's calle Mi Tierra and is at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Millbrook Road.

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        Katherine Williams

        I have been to Mi Tierra many times and they don't serve Italian, although their food is very good! They are in a building that used to be an Italian restaurant, so maybe that is cause for confusion. Mi Tierra serves cuisines of Mexico, Cuba and some South American countries. I believe the owner is Cuban. I would imagine that the first guess that the Wildflour/Cozumel side by side restaurant is probably the place they are talking about. Although Wildflour does have some Italian dishes its more "American" in menu choices and atmosphere.


      2. How about Wildflour Boston Pizza on Creedmoor Rd? They have a Mexican side too...
        The best lasanga in Raleigh IMO.