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Apr 10, 2000 07:07 PM

Louisville Restaurants

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Thought I'd add a little something about Louisville since it's getting close to Derby and some chowhounds may be coming for a visit. Plus, hardly any Louisville restaurant discussion here. I'll briefly mention Lilly's (great place, great atmosphere) but if you love chow, you should definitely check out Lynn's Paradise Cafe at 984 Barret Avenue. Exceptional funky decor, a wide range of food (including breakfast just about any time) and a laid-back atmosphere. Make sure and try the onion rings--my wife thinks they're addictive. Also, if you like Vietnamese Pho777 isn't too bad.

Other good places are Deitrich's, Asiatique, Blue Dog Bakery and the Mayan Gypsy's sister restaurant the Mayakesh Express. Also, there is a Korean place called Lee's buried in the Watterson Trail office center. Hardly any ambience, but really good bee bim bob, chop chae and kal bee. Hope that does the trick for now.

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  1. good suggestions except pho 777. Vietnam Kitchen, which is nearby, is far superior

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      Stephen Hacker

      Point well taken about the food. I do like the giant video screen playing Vietnamese pop music shows at Pho 777, though.