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Feb 14, 2000 11:30 AM

Roadfood Between Florida and Louisiana

  • j

I will soon be driving between Orlando (don't ask!) and New Orleans. And as usual, I am up for detours. Where, fair chowhounds, may I profitably and appropriately slake hunger and thirst along the way?

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  1. Jonathan,

    I like a spot set in a reclaimed fast-food restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama on the Redneck Riviera and not far from the Flora-Bama Lounge -- site of the annual Interstate Mullet Toss.

    I's called King Neptune’s Seafood. It's not of the quaint school of Southern restaurant design so favored by so many. Seating is in one of those molded plywood booths. But you can't beat their fat, local shrimp known as royal reds, sheathed in a thin batter and fried to a golden brown; creamy coleslaw spiked with celery seeds; Bon Secour oysters, salty and sweet, shucked to order and presented on a tray of crushed ice.