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Feb 13, 2000 11:03 AM

BBQ @ Charleston

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I soon will be driving from Pa. to Palm Beach Fla. I am trying to plan trip so I can stop at Ben Silver's store in Charleston. But more importantly, after @ 12 hours I will need BBQ before I bed down for the night.
Any referals would be greatly appreciated. If it means stopping in North Carolina first or missing Silver's that is okay. BBQ comes before clothes!

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  1. Not too far off I26 at Orangeburg SC is a part-time BBQ place we liked, but it's only open 3 or 4 days a week--Wed. or Thursday through Saturday and I'm not sure how late they're open. We've had a lot of mediocre BBQ. This was MUCH better than usual. I'm going to have to dig for the name and directions, but I think originally we got the tip from the Sterns' Roadfood. Hope to get back to you on this with better info.

    We're on our own BBQ quest but going down Rte 81 rather than 95. (I assume 95 because I'm guessing based on your e-mail that you have something to do with the book barn west of Phila.)

    So what's Ben Silver's?


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      Well, a slight correction is in order. The place in Orangeburg is Duke's, and I see from my notes that the pork wasn't all that good. I guess it seems a lot better in retrospect, maybe because it's been a long time since we've eaten good BBQ. It's open Thurs-Sat, and 4 years ago lunch cost $5 for all you can eat--BBQ, sweet tea, coleslaw, "hash", white rice, sauces. I think dessert was extra; I had the Red Velvet Cake.

    2. The only good barbecue that I've had in Charleston was at Bessinger's Barbecue House. A genuine log burner. It is located at 1602 Savannah Hwy.(US Hwy 17) Phone # 803-556-1354. I believe that there is a Melvin's on Folly Rd. Never been there but I had some good Q at a Melvin's in Hilton Head where they used wood to cook.