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Dec 27, 1999 04:22 PM

breakfast in Memphis

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The very best breakfast chow in Memphis is to be found at Brother Juniper's College Inn - it's on Walker Ave. (off Highland, right in the middle of the "strip.") This is in the University of Memphis area and frequented by students as well as businessmen/women. This is true "southern" food. One biscuit is a meal in itself - they are huge and heavy (but good!) Just about anything you can get there will be tasty, but I love the breakfast burrito (I know it sounds weird...just try it.)
They were bought in the last year and are now serving lunch and possibly dinner - but I haven't tried it.
Oh, if you go on a weekend, get there early - if you wait until 7:30 or 8:00 am, you will be standing in line for awhile! The place is a hole in the wall and tiny, but the food is great.
Mmmm, making me hungry...

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  1. Tatia--

    I had a pretty good breakfast at a fancy hotel there...can't remember the name, but it was right downtown, just after the dead-end of a really big long important street?

    The Memphis Pie Lady's shop isn't too far away. What do you think of her stuff by the way?


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      tatia johnson

      No doubt, you had breakfast at The Peabody Hotel (ducks swimming in the lobby fountain, right?)...Probably had the famous Sunday brunch up in the ballroom on the's quite good, but overpriced in my opinion. I'll go to it on a special occasion and always enjoy it, but for your regular, everyday breakfast...Brother Juniper's! Down home cookin' and it's cheap.
      I haven't ever had the pie lady's stuff...I hear it's good.
      Sorry to take so long to reply. I'll try to check back more often...I'm used to getting msg. in my email and sometimes forget.
      Anywhere else in Memphis you wanna know about...if I've been there (or know someone who has,) I'll be happy to tell you what I/they think.

      1. re: tatia johnson

        Tatia--man, how on earth did I forget the DUCKS?? Yeah, you got it right. And "good but overpriced" about covers it.

        Pie Lady IS good..check her out!

        "I'll try to check back more often...I'm used to getting msg. in my email and sometimes forget"

        these regional boards are starting to ignite...the more serious chowhounds like you stick around and post and interact, the more "critical mass" we'll get on this board, and eventually you guys will have a huge and active pool of smart local chowhound comrades to trade tips we've attracted on the NYC boards! So I hope you'll help build this resource for yourself and others!

        Eventually, when that happens, we can zoom in on the geographical coverage...install a board specifically for Memphis, etc.