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Dec 22, 1999 09:44 PM


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i'm looking for fresh chow hound suggestions for atlanta terrific korean bbq or good vietnamese(other than pho)...or outstanding pizza..and any place that uses garlic like it should be used...
please, no chains, local or national, as as i'm sure anyone who's been to atlanta in the last several years and read the local papers, there's a tendancy to review(as if these were real places) specific branches of national chain none of that PLEASE...
just some honest to goodness finds..the SOUTH message board appears to be devoid of these unfortunately....
appreciate all recommendations...

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    Gravy-suckin' southern boy

    If you want REAL authentic Vietnamise, Korean or Chinese, head over to Buford Hiway, inside the perimeter (i.e. I-285),for what may be the best oriental food in the U.S. outside of N.Y. and San Francisco. Think of Buford Hiway as the Chinatown of Atlanta. The top of my list for Oriental here is YEN JING, in the Koreatown Plaza, about a mile inside of
    I-285 on Buford Hwy. No joke--the food rivals the best I've had in San Fran, and these guys are used to serving Anglos. Also, for authentic Chinese, try HONTO, just off of Buford Hwy. Very popular with the local Chinese population. They do alot of wedding receptions, etc.

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