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Nov 29, 1999 11:29 AM


  • j

This is a "collage" place that is just out on the downtown. (north-east) It is on Ponce or there abouts, the search should be half the fun.

The Crux; this is a place with two lines, pasta and chicken. I'll begin with the chicken that is either done Jerk or roasted. The jeck is where it is at served with black beans, rice, and cornbread. Add a red stripe and the bill is around $7.oo. This is the beauty of Eat's: excellent food for the money and you won't leave hungry. The pasta I've never tried, but several variety of sauces, noodles are available and cheaply.

So there you are, good food at a value. It ain't Salsa's in Asheville NC, but it is a great place.


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  1. The search could be a long one. What city and state are we talking about?

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    1. re: Sarah
      john c ralph

      It is in Atlanta in Ga on Ponce De Leon which in 29 running through the city. Sorry as I am new to this stuff.


      1. re: john c ralph
        The Food Critic

        Yes EATS is great!!!

        Try Heaping Bowl and Brew too!

        My favorite On-line sweets... !

        1. re: The Food Critic

          The food at Eats is hit or miss. It _was_ a decent place to eat about 5 years ago...The pasta sauces are all watery, and the chicken is almost always burnt black. The place itself is _filthy_ and mysteriously, creepily, damp (there's always water dripping copiously from the exposed air conditioning ducts above, onto the floors below); and best of all, the staff are among the nastiest, greasiest-looking wastrels you could hope to find working with food anyplace (and they're obviously proud of that fact) - it's a core employer for local rock-band hipsters who, naturally, don't give a damn about the food they're handling or their own personal hygiene. But with those minor quibbles, it's a pretty good place to grab a bite. Ugh.