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Nov 18, 1999 07:58 PM

Salsa's in Asheville NC

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I am a chowhound and have found no better eats than in this hole in the wall in Asheville NC. I have been on the road for the past year living out of my vw van. I have been all over, looked hard, ate hard, but Salsa's is still the champ. Check out Hector's food and fresh will be the word. thanks.


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  1. Hey jcr---

    what exactly do they serve at Salsa's?

    I'm a little worried by your "climberbodysurf" email address...makes me think you might be into eating really HEALTHY or something!


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      You're Right on the money with Salsa's. Wonderful Caribbean & Central American food...lousy service but great eats!

      1. re: Jim Leff

        I am a carnivore, make no mistake. I eat poorly by health standards but work it off through all the activities I do.

        Salsa's serves carribean, mex fusion. I can't say more as the menue changes often. Hector's combinations are the type I would never have thought to combine nor like, but they are great... say beef and pumpkin. It is an experiance from the decor, music, and food. Lacation is on Patton St downtown.


        1. re: john c ralph

          I'll try it sometime. Asheville has the rep of being a great town, so I've been meaning to go hang out there.

      2. I was in Asheville 2 weekends ago, and wanted to try Salsa's. Unfortunately, my girlfriend didn't want to eat Mexican, and we ended up at a really WEIRD restaurant called Flying Frog. It serves a combination of Indian, Jamaican, Cajun, Franch and pasta. That alone set off warning bells, but it's like an accident scene one cannot look away from, so we tried it.

        Oddly enough, the restaurant actually had quite a bit of good press, but I'm not sure what is so impressive about it at all. The chef is Indian, so I thought maybe it would be safe ordering the Indian dishes. Wrong! The spicing was way too harsh and nothing had any balance or finesse at all. Our waitress' recommendation of baked oysters (Cajun) was pretty mediocre as well.

        So chowhounds going to Asheville be warned -- avoid Flying Frog.

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        1. re: Gary Cheong
          Michael Kleinman

          I agree Flying Frog sucks,everything we had was bad especially the Indian food.

          1. re: Gary Cheong

            The chef/owner burned us out of a $450 dinner we bought at a March of Dimes auction. Refused to honor his commitment. I'll never set foot in there again, also the 2 meals I ate there prior were uneven not worth the money.

          2. m
            Michael Kleinman

            I have eaten at Salsa's twice and both times it was great. It's not athentic Mexican ,it's hippie mutated Mexican but done better than probably any other I have seen. Here is an example of what they do: Puente Cubano quesadilla-roasted carribean pumpkin,black beans,goat cheese and avocado tomatillo salsa. Served with rice ,sweet plantains and mango salsa.

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            1. re: Michael Kleinman

              The reason Salsa is not authentic mexican is because it's Puerto Rican. I have seen Hector pick up the phone and call his aunt in Puerto Rico for a little cooking consultation.

            2. Salsa's. This place is always high on everybody's list of eat is Ashevegas. If you don't mind not knowing what you are eating, or dont mind paying for ingredients you are not getting, then you will enjoy. If you want real mexican in Asheville, this aint it. If you want soso fusion then pull up a yellow chair with uneven legs a pardon your neighbor because your elbow will hit his Sysco 'Wild Boar"

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              1. re: Habenero

                I couldn't agree more - about he most overhyped joint I've ever been to.

                Crappy service to boot - last time I was there the server was so rude I vowed never to return.

                Limone's destroys Salsas and Mamacitas is even better.

                1. re: jbyoga

                  i agree with you whole heartedly about the over-hype. never been impress with any of hector's places. The best word to describe them in my opinion is inconsistent.

                2. re: Habenero

                  The fact that you and so many others can't seem to grasp that Salsa is not Mexican drives me a little nuts. IT"S NOT MEXICAN. It's Carribbean, Puerto Rican to be specific. Sysco? where do you get that? I know for a fact that Hector sources his stulff locally, although I can't specifically address the wild boar.

                  Personnaly, I DON'T mind not knowing what I'm eating. (although I usually do) That's the excitement. Salsa is not the place for people who are concerned about sitting close to their neightbors or if the service is harried. I don't take my Mom there, for example.

                  Wow, old thread.

                  1. re: danna

                    Carribbean or otherwise it's still overhyped.

                  2. re: Habenero

                    The problem I had with Salsa was ALL the ingredients that they crammed into one dish. It seemed as if someone found a list of trendy ingredients and then said"Let's see how many of them we can use ." I made this statement earlier on this board, and was told that Salsa's foods was "an explosion " of flavors. I guess I'm more accustomed to flavors that actually get along with each other. When I judge cooking I think the whole should be greater than the sum of its parts - not a lot of parts fighting for dominance. This has nothing to do with being Mexican or Puerto Rican or Cuban - it has to do with judicious use of favors.

                  3. Clue #2: If a restaurant serves plantains, it ain't Mexican.