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Nov 11, 1999 12:05 PM

The Inn at Little Washington—Wedding

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I have read many glowing reviews about the Inn. I am especially interested in hearing more about the food, service and staying at the inn itself. I recently visited the Inn to inspect the property, rooms, etc. and am considering getting married there. Has anyone eaten in the Terrace Room itself? If you have stayed overnight at the Inn, (I believe Gary Cheong did) I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts! Any input would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. This was a few years back, but my husband took me there for my birthday, 12/26. As we pulled into the small parking lot, a porter came out, took our bags and car keys, and escorted us in. After we confirmed our dinner reservation for that evening, we were shown to our lushly decorated room. There was a cozy window seat with pillows and a fake(?) fur throw and a view down to the garden. We had a four-poster bed, if I remember correctly, and it was quite comfortable. The attached bathroom was a bit small and the lighting wasn't entirely adequate for hair and make-up, but so what?

    In the late afternoon, we had tea in our room, presented in an unusual padded basket with recesses for the teapot and cups, with fresh fruit and a few cookies. We napped and read and watched the snow begin to accumulate in the garden below.

    As it was so long ago, I absolutely cannot recall the specifics of our meal, but I do recall that it was completely perfect -- the service was flawless, the room was beautiful, the presentation and the food were marvelous. Being winter, I seem to remember that they had several game dishes on the menu. And they had an impressive wine list.

    When we went to bed, the snow was still falling. Next morning, we awoke to find the snow had stopped, but there was an accumulation of about 8 inches. We had a lovely breakfast downstairs, then went back up to pack our overnight bags. When we went down to check out, my husband asked me if I wanted to wait in the lounge while he got the snow off the car and warmed it up, but this proved to be unnecessary. The car was waiting for us out front, with the motor running, the heater on, and no visible snow!

    I can't imagine a more romantic place for a wedding/wedding night. Best of luck!

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      Thank you so much for the in-depth report! It sounds like you had a fabulous time, and your e-mail is cementing my decision to "tie the knot" there. :)

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        Does anyone know if there is a big difference between the standard room and the internmediate room at the Inn? Has anyone have any information of the Jr. suite? If you don't plan on dining at the restaurant every night of you stay are there other places to dine in the area?
        Thanks in advance for replies!