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Oct 28, 1999 10:04 PM

Barbecue: GEORGIA

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Only three here - please add more to the list!

Old McDonald's Real Pit BBQ, Buford, GA
McClear's, Fayetteville
Scoyner's, Augusta

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    Robert Sietsema

    And don't forget Hot Thomas' in Watkinsville

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    1. re: Robert Sietsema

      I like a place named Hudson's in Douglasville, Ga. The pork is delicious and the barbecued chicken is very good as well; I've never tried the beef, but have eaten in this place about 20 times in the past few years. They have big square french fries and make tasty salads as well. The place is popular and tends to be crowded and _noisy_ at night. It's worth a trip from Atlanta, and the view on the way back into town of the city skyline is about the best view of Atlanta I know. The restaurant is located on the main street through Douglasville (which I think is Highway 78) - take I-20 west to Highway 92, right there until it deadends at the train tracks in town, then left, and Hudson's is about two miles down, on the left. From Atlanta, it takes about 25 minuites if the traffic isn't tied up.

      1. re: eidolon

        We've got good friends in Macon who would love this place! How far from Macon to Douglasville do you reckon?

        1. re: berkleybabe

          It's probably at least 100 miles, and I wouldn't recommend that kind of drive just for barbecue. I was just at a funeral in Alabama and was assured by two elderly chaps there, who used to be traveling salesmen, that the best barbecue in Georgia was to be found at a place on the side of the old state road highway between Macon and Atlanta, about mid-way, south of Jonesboro someplace. I didn't recall the name of the place, but I imagine a cruise through the seemingly infinite barbecue tips on this board would reveal it. Hudson's has good food, but it's not "pilgrimage" material.

          1. re: eidolon

            Those elderly chaps were surely thinking of the Fresh Air Barbecue south of Jackson on US 11.

            It's been there since 1929. In 1988 the Fresh Air was featured in a NY Times coast to coast guide to barbecue (one of my first chowhounding references and still in my bbq library. The proprietor, GW "Toots" Caston, who was then 81 and has since passed on, said they cook their pork for 24, "until the hams fall apart."

            Not only is their cue mouthwateringly tender, they have some of the only good brunswick stew i've found outside the cans of Mrs. Fearnow.

            Many aficionados would say that the Fresh Air has 100-mile barbecue. Fortunately, it's easy to find. Get off I-75 in Jackson, go into town, turn right (south) on US 11. Fresh Air is on the right.

            Any other recommendations for 100-mile barbecue? the list should be short. Sweatman's and Lexington BBQ belong.

            1. re: Bob W.

              Fresh Air BBQ off Atlanta Hwy is scrumptious... but THE BEST is farther up Atlanta Hwy... I forget the name of the place, but it's a hole in the wall off the side of Atl HWY. It's almost to the dowtown area... they have the most tender chicken! But beware - they have VERY irregular hours!

            2. re: eidolon

              I've lived in the South metro Atlanta area for 30+ years and would bet the farm that the barbeque place they're talking about is none other than DEAN'S Barbeque, located on old State Route 3 about a mile south of the train depot in Jonesboro, GA. (Yes, it was the old highway between Atlanta and Macon in the 1940's).

              Just a little white frame shack, DEAN'S has been serving up great vinegar-based pork sandwiches and plates since 1947 or so. Great sweet tea, as well !

            3. re: berkleybabe

              Every time I go to Macon, I stop at the Old Clinton Barbecue about 20 miles north east in Gray Georgia. Good food, nice atmosphere and friendly folks. One of the best in the state.

        2. Sorry, can't agree with Old MacDonald's, although I eat their occasionally, as I live in Buford. Sonny's style pork (pink ring), but often served less than hot for some reason. Marginal Brunswick stew, which makes the BBQ for me. Its not bad, just not really good.

          Like many things, B-B-Q is in the eye of the beholder. PLEASE: Try Harold's! If you've never been, you haven't lived. Located in the worst neighborhood in Atl, but a cop favorite. I've been there 50 times, and there's always a cop eating. Near the Atlanta Penetentiary(sp?). Undoubtably, the best Brunswick Stew anywhere - Cole Slaw and Corn Bread(w/cracklings) too. Huge roasts, cooked on a pit w/out sauce. Delicious. If you go during the week, you drive through an Atlanta wasteland, only to arrive to a parking lot filled with business people, and their very nice cars. FOR AN ADVENTURE, GO AT NIGHT.

          For ribs, Fatt Macs Rib Shack. Great Blues also!

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          1. re: Ron Kleem

            Thanks for the great Atlanta tip. I've never actually eaten at Old MacDonalds, but had heard about it. Harold's sounds better!

            1. re: Ron Kleem

              For a great stew, I recommend Holcomb's located between Siloam and White Plains. The barbeque is very good also, but the stew is very special. Its only open on Friday and Saturday. Its about 10 miles off I-20. Take Siloam exit(roughly half way between Atlanta and Augusta)and head toward Sparta. Does anyone remember Hook's on the Milledgeville / Sandersville Highway? Pull your own meat from whole hogs in the smoke house. It was great and I haven't seen or heard of anything like it since it closed. If a similar place exists, I would sure like to hear about it.

              1. re: McDuffie
                michael hafitz

                I sure do remember Hooks. It was, by far the best overall barbque experience of all the places in Georgia, SC, NC, AL. Top notch pork no need for sauce. Did you ever have the skin? My cholesterol is rising just thinking... It was a sad day when I made the trip and there was nothing there. And then on one trip, Hill's was gone, too. It was right up the street.

            2. I second the recommendation of Harold's in Atlanta.

              Also excellent are: Fresh-Air BBQ in Jackson, about 30 miles south of Atlanta, and the GA Pig, which is right off I-95 in Brunswick. It's less than a mile off the interstate, which usually means the food will be crap, but it's the real deal.

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              1. re: Bob W.

                Been using GA Pig BBQ sauce for 25 years. For me, better than mine and mine is great

              2. There's a new place in Union City, same location as the old Malears's BBQ. It's "Manny's", nice guy from Texas. The best stew I've ever tasted, good diner sort of atmosphere and BBQ with a bite without being overwhelmed by vinegar. Give it a try!

                1. Two Brothers BBQ in Ball Ground