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Oct 28, 1999 09:53 PM


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Smith's Barbecue, somewhere near Hopkins, SC
(opens when he feels like it - racoon a specialty)

Little Pig, Columbia

D&H, Manning

McCabe's, Manning

Duke's, Waterboro

Maurice's Piggy Park, Columbia. Mustard-based sauce. I'm with Jim on this one - didn't do it for me at all.

Sweatman's, Holly Hill

Owen's Bar-B-Q, Lake City, SC

Smokey Joe's, Spartansurg, SC

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  1. For an AUTHENTIC SC pig pickin', try Moree's, which is in Bloomingdale, a tiny crossroads just outside Andrews. I think the guidebooks give the address as Andrews (birthplace of Chubby Checker BTW), but Moree's is not really in Andrews.

    Open only Friday and Saturday nites, like any self-respecting pig pickin' operation.

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    1. re: Bob W.

      Carolina BBQ in New Ellenton south of Aiken has got to be close to the best. Don't dress up; you will look foolish. "Chew Red Man" baseball caps are in style.

      1. re: jstone
        Gnell Carpenter

        Try the Old Hickory Stick BBQ in Anderson, SC.

        Excellent ribs, pork, chicken, AND beef brisket(the owner used to live in Texas and brought his BBQ expert to SC!) which are accompanied by some of the best onion rings and potato salad around.

        1. re: Gnell Carpenter

          I agree. Old Hickory Stick is heavily Texas oriented. Meat is cooked on a smoker rather than a pit, which is normally found in the Carolinas among log-burners. Can't wait to return !


          1. re: Jim

            Brushy Creek BBQ in Powdersville (between Greenville and Easley) is some of the best SC style around - a great mustard (but not too sweetened) sauce. Terrific, clean tasting (not at all greasy) pork. Long a favorite of mine. They've opened a second location, northeast of Spartanburg. For my money, better than Maurice.

            That said, for those who think Maurice might be a little over-rated - you have to go to the original, not the McBBQ just off the interstate.

            Sweatman's remains BBQ heaven!