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Note on barbecue threads

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Note on Barbecue threadsI'm starting out by just posting lists of barbecue joints, which I've compiled from a variety of sources in addition to a bit of personal experience, including the great Smokestack Lightning, the Lexington Connection bbq page mentioned in a previous post, the Sterns' Eat Your Way Across the USA (a book which I have some misgivings about, considering their ridiculous San Francisco recommendations, but they do have some interesting barbecue places listed.) I haven't included a lot of detail, and I can't personally vouch for that many of these, but I'm sure others will chime in with opinions.I don't have many places for Mississippi, but I know they're out there.I am ordering that Glove Box book that was recommended by Jim a few days ago, but I could only find the Alabama edition.It would be cool if we could build on these lists and create a barbecue database on the site somehow. It would be a great resource for bbq trekkers. Jim?

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  1. Cathy: there are Glove Box guides to South Carolina and Georgia too.

    I guess they are saving the big boys -- Tennessee, Texas, and North Carolina -- for last.