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Sep 30, 1999 06:28 PM

Little Rock

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Is there anyplace decent to eat in Little Rock? Excluding catfish/hush puppy places, that is.

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  1. Can't believe no one has answered this 1999 message, but a couple excellent Little Rock restaurants are:

    The Brave New Restaurant

    For barbecue, The Whole Hog on Cantrel Road in Riverdale area of Little Rock and The White Pig in North Little Rock are not to be missed.

    1. Spaule has been closed for a couple or more years.

      1. Incredibly, I forgot to mention one of our favorite restaurants, Vanlang Vietnamese Cuisine, on South University Ave., just north of Asher Ave, across from the gates to UALR.
        Here is a photo gallery of some of the delights there:

        1. Faded Rose
          Sims BBQ
          Sonny Williams Steak Room
          Cajun's Wharf
          Loca Luna

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            Cajun's Wharf, I've heard, is not about the food but about the music and fun scene.
            Loca Luna is vastly over rated, IMO.
            Vermilion Italian Bistro is quite good.
            Brave New Restaurant gets high marks from guests and critics.
            Get a terrific hamburger at the Buffalo Grill and an order of Bacon Cheese Fries with a side of buttermilk dressing. The Rebsamen Park Road location is funkier and more fun.
            Doe's Eat Place supposedly has the best steaks in the city, I don't know, as we couldn't afford it. I haven't had a steak in a LR restaurant that I could confidently recommend.
            There are <capslocks on> NO REALLY GOOD CHINESE RESTAURANTS IN LITTLE ROCK. </capslocks off> (that we've been to). The food is awful, as it is loaded with sugar and other sweeteners.
            There is some decent sushi. Sekisui on Shackelford and the place out on Highway 10 west (Cantrell Rd) whose name I've forgotten. It's next to a bbq place. (forget about that bbq.)
            IMO, the Whole Hog Cafe is not up to its high reputation. Best ribs sofar: Corky's, on Bowman Rd. (And it's a CHAIN!)
            Mr. Mason's BBQ, on Capitol Ave, center city, can be good, especially the ribs. Service is irregular.
            Mexican: Taquería Karina on 65th street was good, but in recent years it grew sloppy.

            I'm now thinking of meat 'n 3 vegs places. Back later...

          2. Lulav on 6th is quite good. Kind of meditteranean/california fusion.