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Aug 3, 1999 11:39 PM

Romantic Restaurant in Savannah, GA

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a romantic
anniversary dinner in Savannah, GA. Please don't tell
me Elizabeth on 37th. I am hoping for something
unique and intimate.
Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. If in Savannah, looking for a romantic dinner, go to Sapphire Grill, right outside of city market. Call ahead for reservations and ask to sit on the third floor, or if available the wine room.

    Sapphire Grill is a great new resaturant in Savannah, with an amazing menu, excellent sevice and atmosphere.

    You can check out their website to see photos, read the menu and winelist, and even make a reservation!...


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      Anne McDowell

      Try the Hunter House on Tybee Island. If you want to be really romantic, get a room for the night (it's a bed and breakfast). Food is excellent, great local ambiance, walk the beach after dinner or sit on the porch with a brandy. If you're feeling frisky, go out and do the "16th St. Crawl".

      Reservations needed.

      George's on Tybee is also a good bet.