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Jul 18, 1999 07:39 PM

ribs in Macon

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Just back from visiting the extended family in Macon
and made a pilgrimage to FreshAir barbeque; what I
tasted there puts a quick end to all of the ridiculous
banter about where to get good ribs in NYC. Nowhere.
Why oh why oh why can't we have ribs up north like
those at FreshAir, so tender the meat falls right off
the bone, a strong taste of vinegar, not gooped up in
sauce but just some caramelized remains on either
side, liberaly coated with pepper grains and salt. A
rib plate: half pound of ribs, coleslaw, brunswick
stew, baked beans and two slices of wax-paper wrapped
white bread all for seven dollars. Heavenly. Puts
Berkeley's Everett & Jones to shame as well. Sigh.

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