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Barbecue, etc on I-95

Jim Zurer Dec 27, 1998 11:05 PM

Road trip coming up this week from DC to Miami and we
are looking for "close to I-95" tips to break up the
trip...barbecue is the main need, but any
recommendations about good local eateries and
specialities along the way are welcomed.


  1. j
    Jim Leff Dec 28, 1998 01:48 PM

    jim, my favorite stop in I-95 is in Richmond. It's called
    Bill's Barbecue, and there are several outlets, but one's right off
    the interstate; boulevard exit from 95, less than 1/2 mile on right.

    BBQ is good, not great (it's a bit too far north, I guess), but
    the limeade is a peak experience, and the chocolate cream (and other) pies
    are also terrific (though in a simple, humble sort of way).
    I know that limeade doesn't sound like much of a draw, but
    trust me on this one...

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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Jim Zurer Dec 28, 1998 02:25 PM

      Thanks Jim.....I will file it away. Richmond may be a
      little too close to DC for a lunch stop--although
      barbecue for a mid-morning snack is not an unheard-of
      possibility. And limeade is a big draw....no
      apologies necessary. My sons will be interested in
      the pies, I am sure. (We are a family who has made
      pilgrimages to Norske Nook in Osseo WI to test the
      baked goods.)

      I am hoping for some deeper south recommendations (NC,
      SC, Georgia, and Florida) to make the trip more


      1. re: Jim Zurer
        Bob W. Feb 9, 2000 03:50 PM

        Jim, try the D&H Barbecue in Manning SC. Just a few minutes off I-95. Good authentic SC buffet, including hash and barbecued turkey.

      2. re: Jim Leff
        Jim Zurer Jan 3, 1999 01:04 PM

        Well, Jim, I don't know how long it has been since you
        had the limeade at Bill's (or maybe we had an off-
        day), but our experience last week was not too

        The "limeade", drawn from a soda fountain tap, tasted
        like straight (very sweet) sugar water over ice,
        garnished a few quartered limes. A real

        I will report on the rest of our eating experiences
        along I-95 in a later message.

        Jim Zurer
        Washington DC

        1. re: Jim Zurer
          Jim Leff Jan 3, 1999 03:25 PM

          Oh no!!! The limeade I've had there several times was
          dreamy bliss. I haven't been in a couple of years, but
          a few months ago a friend was raving similarly about
          the stuff.

          you know, sometimes places run out of the good stuff
          and make do with alternative crap (Nick's Pizza in
          Forest Hills is a prime example; they use the best
          mozzarella, from the Corona Heights Pork Store....but
          when they run out, they use Polly-O. How do you
          evaluate a place like that???). Also, sometimes chefs
          gets sick and dishwashers--or worse--take over.
          Restaurant advice is a tricky business; it's all so

          So sorry you had a bad experience...but I'm grateful
          for the report. One more bad report and I'll--
          reluctantly--strike 'em from my list (sob)


          1. re: Jim Leff
            Jim Zurer Jan 3, 1999 04:35 PM

            Let's hope it was a momentary lapse in the limeade...

            "Chowhound does I-95" report #1: Parker's in Wilson NC

            I can report that the North Carolina barbecue at
            Parker's in Wilson NC did not win rave reviews from
            the four of us. After searching all over Wilson for
            the place--the routes may have been renumbered after
            construction several years ago--we found the place and
            were served quickly with chopped barbecue plates and
            corn sticks. We may not be the biggest fans of NC-
            style barbecue, but we were underwhelmed....it was
            perked up by some vinegar and extra sauce, but not
            enough to receive anything but so-so comments. The
            fried chicken, however, was outstanding.

            Jim Zurer
            Washington DC

            1. re: Jim Zurer
              Bob W. Feb 9, 2000 03:48 PM

              Jim, I guess opinions can and do differ on barbecue, like anything else. I have always enjoyed Parker's barbecue, and those corn sticks have really grown on me.

              The anti-Parker's crowd seems to fall into two camps: the "if it ain't cooked on wood it ain't barbecue" crowd and the "this stuff don't have enough sauce" crowd. I fall into neither crowd. I could eat (and indeed have eaten) bowls of Parker's cue. I like it better than Bill's, which is nearby and has the same menu.

              As for the fried chicken, there can be no debate! That is amazing fried chicken. Fried chicken for the gods.

              They must be doing something right. Every time I go the place is mobbed with locals.

            2. re: Jim Leff
              Jim Zurer Jan 3, 1999 04:44 PM

              "Chowhound does I-95" report #2: Crystal Beer Parlor,
              Savannah GA

              After learning that the GA Pig in Brunswick would be
              closed by the time we reached it (cell phones are
              wonderful sometimes), we determined to stop at the
              Crystal Beer Parlor, an old favorite of mine, in
              Savannah. Slipping in just before closing time, we
              sampled the house specialty crab stew and found it
              full of crab, but too thick--perhaps from sitting all
              day on the stove. However, the fried oysters were
              outstanding, both on the platter and sandwich, the
              potato salad was way above average, and my number one
              son's barbecue plate--I think it was sliced beef--was
              excellent as was the accompanying Brunswick stew.
              Only my wife's chopped steak disappointed.

              The place has a nice selection of beers and all the
              atmosphere you could want....its location in downtown
              Savannah makes it a fifteen-minute each way detour. A
              side benefit was the chance to fill up on $.73 a
              gallon gasoline.

              Jim Zurer
              Washington DC

              1. re: Jim Leff
                Jim Zurer Jan 3, 1999 04:52 PM

                "Chowhound does I-95" report #4: GA Pig in Brunwick GA

                We made it our business to return to the Georgia Pig
                on our return trip....and were not disappointed. The
                place was mobbed; certainly it is no secret with
                testimonials from the Jane and Michael Stern, Craig
                Claiborne, and Maida Heatter; we have eaten there
                several times over the past 20 years.

                We thoroughly enjoyed our pork ribs...meaty and
                crunchy with lots of flavor. The sauce was a little
                too sweet for my taste but acceptable. The chopped
                pork sandwich--highly touted in their brochure by
                Maida Heatter--was good but could have benefitted from
                a zippier sauce to complement the various textures of
                the chopped pig. (Anyway, what does Maida Heatter
                know about barbecue; chocolate is her area of

                The staff at the Pig were "complaining" that they had
                been constantly busy during the previous two weeks and
                were always running out of the raw material, causing
                delays in sandwich and rib platter production.

                Anyway, the GA Pig is well worth a stop on any journey
                north or south.

                Jim Zurer
                Washington DC

                1. re: Jim Leff
                  Jim Zurer Jan 3, 1999 04:57 PM

                  "Chowhound does I-95" report #3: Shorty's in Kendall

                  A short note about Shorty's...we first went there more
                  than forty years ago when it was almost in the
                  country. Now it sits in the midst of southwestern
                  Miami suburban sprawl, but it seems unchanged.

                  We mostly ate the chopped barbecue...my sister served
                  it at a party she was throwing...and the sauce
                  actually outshone the beef. However, my youngest son
                  and I sampled some ribs when we picked up the takeout
                  order and I can attest that they are first rate...and
                  the sauce holds it own with the best in my
                  book...tangy, bold, but not sweet.

                  I hope that I can visit Shorty's for many more years.

                  Jim Zurer
                  Washington DC

                  1. re: Jim Zurer
                    patricia Jan 12, 1999 03:46 PM

                    sorry to chime in so late with this, but along I-95 on
                    the way to FLA - next time try the georgia pig, just
                    off the exit for jekyll island. the pork is great,
                    the beef is also - the only thing they could improve
                    is that the pickles could be a bit more crisp.

                    1. re: patricia
                      Jim Zurer Jan 14, 1999 11:19 AM

                      As you might have seen in the my subsequent message,
                      we did get to the GA Pig in Brunswick.....and enjoyed
                      it very much.


              2. re: Jim Leff
                Jim Zurer Jan 3, 1999 05:11 PM

                Resources for NC Barbecue on the web...

                If you are passing through NC, you might be wise to
                check these web sites before you go for tips on spots
                to try. These guys are serious about their barbecue.
                (If I had them more carefully, I would have taken a
                pass on Parker's in Wilson.)

                The North Carolina Barbecue Page

                Go east or west; either way, barbecue is the best
                (from the Charlotte Observer

                Pitstops Along the Barbecue Highway

                Happy eating...

                Jim Zurer
                Washington DC

                1. re: Jim Leff
                  Woody Brinson Nov 25, 1999 11:07 PM

                  Stop at the White Swan at Smithfield, interchange of I-95 and US 701, southside of Smithfield. Tell Linwood Parker I sent you. Don't know what good it will do you but tell Linwood anyway if he is in.
                  Excellent barbeque and great Brunswick Stew also. Good hushpuppies.

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