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Mar 21, 1998 02:05 PM

North Carolina

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Business takes me to Asheville and Charlotte
next week, and although I have extensively
annotated lists of barbecue restaurants that
I've been dying to get to for years,
circumstances find me in the city center
areas without a car.

Please, o chowhounds--where do I eat?
Barbecue, meat-and-threes, fried chicken,
cathead biscuits . . . where?

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  1. i am moving to salisbury--near charlotte. i am in need
    of suggestions, especially indian, italian, &
    vegetarian. thanks.

    1. I live in Gastonia, an exurb of Charlotte that lies enroute from Ashville to Charlotte... 10 miles west (on 74 ) lies Shelby, NC... home to two fabulous BBQ joints. Ironically, they are both called BRIDGES; run by two unrelated families sharing that name... one features eastern and the other features western style. As soon as a visitor reaches Shelby, a native will likely ask if they've had "dinner" (i.e. lunch)and then immediately suggest one or the other of the Bridges eateries.

      The other great BBQ I've had nearby is in Lexington, NC; called Lexington BBQ.

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        Hi Mike - have you heard of (or been to) a bbq place called Spears? It's off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Linville Falls. I'll be in Asheville in May, and this is one of the places I was told to try.