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Jun 17, 2006 10:34 PM

Best NY Pizza in South Beach?

  • j

I used to live in downtown and after moving to the beach, I'm having trouble finding a comparable pizza to Casolas' I've tried Ginos and was utterly disapointed. Does any other pizza place in South Beach come close to Casola's?

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    1. What is Casolas pizza like? - or where is it and I'll go try it out?

      There are pizza places like Rustica that make pies and top them with everything and then leave them about to reheat by the slice. There are pizza places like Piola and Spris that make thin crust made-to-order individual plate pizzas that are "like Italy"...

      There is a pizza delivery place called Venezia up by the Deauville (mid 60s) that is opened 24/7 and makes a giant pie like a storefront in NYC - we used to call them "belly busters."

      If you live mid-Beach, call 305-868-2267

      A large cheese pizza tossed into your preheated oven for a few minutes via the delivery guy might make you smile during the next HEAT game...


      1. Or just tell me whats the best NY style pizza place in south beach

        1. Take I95 North my friend...there ain't no "Best NY Pizza in South Beach"...and BTW Cassola's is a pretty sad version of said style (big isn't always better!)...if I had to name one and I will not go there seeing how Rustica is down the street, I'd say Gino's. The beauty of Rustica is, it doesn't try to be NY Pizza, but is by far the best I've found in FLA. A couple worthy of trying: Veggie; and 4 Cheese all others to your taste do not disappoint...get the slices cut into six pieces and have them reheat a little longer than their normal 60 seconds or so...hotter is better!