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Jun 17, 2006 09:24 PM

Recs for Islamorada?

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Any good recommendations for Islamorada and environs?

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  1. Well i can't recommend the food,as it was bland at best,and very pricy,however the morada bay cafe has got eaisly the most spectacular view i have ever experienced for a sunset dinner,my suggestion see if they are having hot dog and hamburger cook out next to the cafe(also on the beach ,with the same incredible view) and save the $ you would spend for a so so dinner,albeit with outstanding service(just very bland food)and enjoy the evening,good luck and have fun...i might add a couple of miles down , on the same side of highway is a small italian rest. next to a bakery,the name excapes me ,sorry..but very good food and great service at a reasonable price.

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      Marker 88 is certainly one I would dine in again. I had one of the best meals in my life there and the atmosphere is great too. Also, the Cheeka Lodge may have a decent place since it is a nice resort - but I never ate there - just visited there. happy travels and let us know what you liked!

    2. Calypso...there's also a place next door I hear is good? Sorry, these are in Largo. Islamorada Fish Co is ok. The Lorelei bar food is ok too...the main dining room is lacking. Whistle Stop for late night or lunch bar food.

      1. I recommend Lazy Day's for dinner. It's on the oceanside just north of Bud & Mary's Marina. It's a good idea to make a reservation for this place.

        I like the grouper reubens at Papa Joe's, up in the crow's nest, bayside, across from Bud & Mary's.

        Bentley's for good burgers.

        Islamorada Bakery for great breakfast, bayside. This place may be called Bob's Bunz now.

        Pierre's for a really highend dining experience, great views. More upscale than Morada Bay, but right next door.

        And Marker 88 used to be a great dinner spot to, although I haven't been in a few years.

        1. Not a real fancy place, but my wife and I always try to have lunch at the Wreck and Galley on Grassy Key at mile marker 59. Very casual but they serve a super grouper sandwich.

          1. Thanks all for the recommendations. I'll report back after our trip.