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Jun 17, 2006 09:55 AM

Velvet Creme Doughnuts?

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Hoping any Old Miami Chowhounds can tell me their recollections of Velvet Creme Doughnuts on SW 8th Street or by U of M? This one eludes me... Netmover? T.P ? Does this ring a bell to you?

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  1. I remember the one on U.S. 1 near U.M.

    Growing up in Homestead, a trip to that end of town was always an excuse to pick up a couple of boxes of mixed donuts.

    Colorful, outrageously flavored and decorated. And, of course, the cream filled, a la Crispy Kreme, were the best.

    Have no idea if they are still there, however.


    1. I know nothing about velvet creme,somewhat before my time,but the post piqued my curiosity,and i found this


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        The saddest thing about that link is the "coming soon" promise -- only to realize that it's from 2005.

        I remember hitting the 8th street location a few times in the 1990s. It was always a colorful scene since the place was in front of a cemetary yet down the block from several of the sleazy "by the hour" Calle Ocho motels.

        There was always a few aloof patrons, prostitutes, and panhandlers. It was odd, but everyone seemed to mean well. The doughnuts were marginally better than Krispy Kreme, but probably so much tastier now -- in retrospect -- because it's unattainable.

      2. My fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota, sold Velvet Creme donuts every Friday in the music school as a fundraiser when I went to UM.

        I went once with the treasurer to order the donuts -- I don't recall the location being too close to UM, 8th St. sounds about right. (This was around 1999-2000.)

        I remember it scared the crap out of me because it was in a "sketchy" part of town and we had to shout our orders through a dirty window covered by bars in a closet to a woman who spoke no English while we spoke no Spanish.

        Despite those odd barriers, the donuts were delicious and always a hit. I always did prefer their cake donuts to Krispy Kreme's.

        1. used to pick up a dozen velvet cremes and watch saturday nite live in the old days...(late 70's)...thanks for bringing back the memories

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          1. re: sandra

            used to stay in at apt behind velvet kreme in madruga ave... went to UM in 1986-87 and velvet kreme is our kindda library where we studied...

            1. re: azan63

              I grew up in the neighborhood and was thrilled when I finally got to go to Ponce Jr High, every day after school we would run over for the ROUND JOHNS, obscenly sweet creme filled chocolate dipped doughnuts. if that was not enough we would then go next door to D'pizza and have pizza. And we all wondered why we gained weight when we hit junior high!

              1. re: SarahChef

                Wow. First person I see typing about D'pizza. That was my dad's restaurant but I was a little kid. Could you describe it a little? I'm curious about how it was. Thanks!!!!

          2. I remember them well...worked midnight shift in the mid 70s and they were always a stop at least a couple of nights per week...I loved 'em...But I think there were outdone by the Donut Shop at Bird and 92nd...