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Jun 8, 2006 01:16 PM

Recent meals: Coral Gables and Downtown Miami

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As recent arrivals here in Miami, we have been continuing our introductory dining tour. Our recent stops:

1) Su-Shin (Gables): Wow, this was a fantastic meal, thanks for all the recommendations from this board. The sushi was merely OK, but to have an Izakaya place here in Miami is a treat that more people should be taking advantage of. While not up to the standards of the places we've visited in Vancouver, the various small plates presented a wide array of unique Japanese flavors you just do not come across in most US Japanese restaurants. I especially recommend the blackboard specials, but order quickly as they run out and then you're out of luck. Highly recommended.

2) Les Halles (Gables): My wife and I were in need of some serious meat and didn't want the price and atmosphere of a steakhouse nor the overindulgence of a churrascaria or rodizio. Les Halles fit the bill, and it is remarkably affordable. Our food was really good but the service was indifferent and aloof. Looks like they have the authentic Parisian Brasserie experience down pat.

3) Gables Diner: Guilty pleasure, wouldn't say it was the best food but when you're in the mood for huge portions and a slight twist on homey fare, it's a good option.

4) Duo (downtown): We got there right before closing, but they were gracious and didn't rush our meal. The wine list is impressive and they are helpful with suggestions without being too pricey or snobby. The meal was just OK, but the dessert was heavenly - Cinnamon donuts witrh creme anglaise - I recommend this place for a dessert wine and dessert after another meal downtown.

5) Tutto Pizza (downtown) - great pie, exhausting atmosphere - get it to go.

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  1. What a great report! Thanks for sharing your impressions with us. :-)

    I went to the Gables Diner many moons ago, glad to see it's still around. It was different from diners I'm used to, but that's the Gables for ya. ;-)

    1. Moon on Us 1 has good Thai food in a nice atmosphere. People like the sushi though I'm not so enthusiastic. I actually like the sushi at Matsuri best, though I much prefer Su-Shin, whose sushi is good but smallish.

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        1. Got to go to Gastronomia on giralda! Excellent Lasagna with a nice bechamel sauce...closes early as I understand, lunch is best!

          Normans is very good over on Douglas and ??? It's two blocks south of Miracle Mile. He, Norman Van Aken, is one of the creators of Miami fusion cuisine or New World cuisine as he calls it. It's quality is still top notch, however the restaurant is a little passee. He is one of the "Mango Gang" chefs who helped Miami cuisine acheive national status. Awesome!!!

          Francescos Peruvian cuisine in Coral Gables is among the best this side of Lima.

          Jaguar in Coconut Grove has incredible ceviche, along with other super dishes...really good stuff!

          Cafe Tu Tu Tango also in Coconut Grove has delicious New World Tapas.

          1. Some people love Norman's, some not so much. I haven't been there in a while, but personally I find his food very "busy." I'm not a huge fan of too many different flavors in the same dish. Also big prices.