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Jun 5, 2006 07:33 PM

REALLY romantic/special dinner in Key west

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Hello all.....
I am hoping that someone can recommend a REALLY INCREDIBLE restaurant for a very special occassion in Key West.........

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  1. Would you be willing to do something off of Key West? There is a place called Little Palm Island, one of the top ranked retreats in the world, that has an amazing and romantic setting for dinner. Its about 1/2 away from Key West and then its just a quick boat ride (10 min) to the island.

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      Key West? - Michael's is probably the best grub in town...

      Cafe Sole, Pisces, 7 Fish and Antonia's also get a nod.

      Louies Backyard on the water is lovely...


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        Sarabeth's-southern outpost of the famous NYC

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        Resort is upscale but the chefs keep changing. The last time I ate there several years ago, I was disapppointed.

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        1. Ricky's Blue Heaven...not on the water, however the food is fab, the wine list far out and the vibe way laid back. Outdoors under the trees or in one of the funky rooms, the place has got some great chow.

          1. Little Palm is the way to go. There is nothing like it but if that won't work, I would have to go with Pisces or Michael's. But really try to do Little Palm.

            1. Little Palm would be excellant. If you don't want to drive there is a restaurant on sand island that is less expensive but truely romantic. It's run by the people that own the Hilton at mallory square. Can't think of the name but call the hotel. You take a shuttle boat from the hotel, dinner right on the beach!! And the food was great. My girlfriend loved it!!