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May 29, 2006 03:22 PM

large oriental supermarket in Tampa Bay?

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Hi, I'm new to the Tampa Bay area and looking for a big oriental supermarket. I've found a number of small stores, but looking for something much bigger. Is there one here?

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  1. Biggest one I know of is Oceanic Market on Tampa Street just north of I-275 in downtown Tampa.

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    1. re: Bergerman

      Thank you! I will try Oceanic.

    2. Try the Oceanic Market, near downtown, its got everything you could imagine and then some.

      1. Besides Oceanic, this supermarket is not too far from USF and is in the Office Depot Plaza.

        M D Oriental Market
        1106 East Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33612
        (813) 868-1688

        1. Din-Ho Market on Armenia just off of Waters Ave. is big and very interesting...
          Last week I was amazed at the selection of 'seemingly fresh outta da water' whole fish rustically displayed in tubs on a table... Fat Striped Bass looking like they might twitch or flop any second...
          I don't see them much in Tampa...
          Tons of other stuff too...

          Massive meats and produce set-up...

          And-----------it's in the same center as the Chowhound favorite authentic Chinese restaurant 'China Yuan', right across the parking lot...

          It's always a great field trip after my monthly 'Duckfest'...

          Great Duck at China Yuan...

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            I go to Din Ho regularly. I once saw two salty-looking fishermen carry in a coller full of fish--- yeah, I think it is fresh! also decent produce section.

            I consider this plaza my one stop shopping. I get my hair cut by the vietnamese barber in the plaza, get lunch at China Yuan, groceries at Din Ho, and great baked gods at the Lucky Bamboo Oriental Bakery there.

          2. Din Ho market is great, it's the only place I've found szechuan peppercorns.

            Closer to my home is Hoa-Lan Plaza (I *think* it's Hoa-Lan), on 19 South/34th Street, not to far north of Central. Gigantic section of Ramen.