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May 23, 2006 03:07 AM


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I am struggling come up with 3 in my neck of the woods, miami, maybe your Top 3 will come easier wherever your steak shines in the sunshine state.

1. Ruth's Chris

2. Los Rancho's

3. Morton's

Sorry guys, I seem to have gone with all chains! 2 nationwide, 1 southside way down south - deep down in dade. There's nothing better than having your rice and beans served on a silver platter!

boun appetito!

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  1. r
    Richard Sanders

    I believe that New York's Palm has a branch in Miami. Also, The Forge is supposed to be very good. If you want to travel up to Boca Raton, New York Prime is better then any of the places you listed.

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    1. re: Richard Sanders

      Yes, good one, The Palm, actually a GREAT one! 2 locations in Miami, Bay Harbour and now Coral Gables.

      I've heard great things about NY Prime, it's the "Boca" thing...too far for me. Were I to be in the hood, I'd definately give it a try. Have you ever been to Runyon's in North Broward? I've heard good things about that place too!

      Thanks, let's keep them coming!

      1. re: netmover

        Abe & Louie's which I find better than NY Prime here in Boca

        1. re: netmover

          we are big Runyeon's fans. they have the best prime rib & huge too. NY Prime is okay. I've been to Del Frisco's in Orlando, Dallas & New York City - they are my favorite - the best Ribeye steak and great potato chips! Morton's is good - have been to the one in Boca. I've also been to Ruth Chris in Ft. Lauderdale - yuck and have never gone to another one. I've been to the Palm in 3 locations in NYC, but never here in FL. I've been to the Shula's in Miami Lakes - they overcooked my steak, then undercooked it, then overcooked it. Never went back there either. All in all, since we live in North Broward - Runyeon's is our steak restaurant of choice. But my favorite of anywhere is Del Frisco's which is a chain.

        2. re: Richard Sanders

          Abe & Loius is a new restaurant in Boca Raton. It far exceeds New York Prime. Stop in and see for yourself.

          1. re: Lulu

            Abe & Louis is probable one of the MOST overrated Steakhouse, next to Jacksons(which I believe closed) Any Steakhouse that cant cook a steak medium rare has no place calling itself a Steakhouse. They also served the lobster frozen, and I mean frozen, there were Ice crystals still in the tail... Im surprised it has lasted as long as it has.

        3. Easy call in Central Florida. Others may argue over the ranking, but I like;

          1. Del Frisco's
          2. Shula's
          3. Vito's/Charley's

          Give Capital Grill a little time and it could move onto the list.
          Like you, I dislike including chains, but Shula's is just so damn good . . .


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          1. re: Bob Mervine

            B, I knew I could count on you for some great O-Town pix! Thanks.

            Isn't Del Friscos a chain too? I seem to remember seeing them in the flight mags? Shula's is definately a great steak house. Every August and September down here in Dade the county does this promo called Miami Spice where you can go to all these great restaurants for a 29.95 pre fixe 3 course meal. We wound up at Shulas because they were one of the few who accepted it on Saturdays, can you imagine an app, filet mignon and a dessert for this price? A steal of a deal! I also tried the Shula's in Indy and it was super. I got a hunch he took the Morton's concept lock stock and barrel? I'm not sure who was around first, but they both come around with the cart and the menu is pretty much tit for tat. Quintessential steak houses!

            1. re: netmover

              Del's is a chain, however the Orlando location has a deal with Lone Star, the parent company, that allows them to prety much run things the way they have been running them since the owners opened 20-plus years ago, when the original Del's in Dallas was still alive.
              So there's no chain feeling to the place and, if anything, their standards exceed the corporate ones.

              Don't know a lot about the Shula's chain, but Mortons has been around much longer. Nothing wrong with Morton's either. They serve free filet mignon sandwiches at the bar during happy hour . . .


              1. re: Bob Mervine

                Y'know, I live near a Lone Star in Port Orange, and my husband lives and dies by their steak. (Disclaimer: He spent his childhood on cattle ranches in Texas and worked for several independent steakhouses, so he's picky.) The "ambiance" sucks, but the steak always comes out perfect, and that's all he really wants. :-P

                1. re: Bob Mervine

                  that's a nice tip...thank you.

                  Hopefully they do it down here?

            2. My favorites are:

              Grazianos' on bird road
              NY Prime - though somewhat overrated
              Tie Between Capital Grille and the Forge

              I have been to the shulas in dade and it does not belong on any list. I am open to the possibility that it is better in other places though...

              I like ruth crist a lot too but have not tried the one in dade.

              I have heard not so great things about the palm down here but have not tried it.

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              1. re: T. Pigeon

                I knew two of your 3 picks! I thought you'd be bringing the P112, but you have gone on record about the steaks not being so good there? Hard to beleive with all the clamoring going on to get in!

                Notice, I didn't pick Shula's though I do think it is right up there with some of the great steak houses in america...btw which dade county shula's did you go to? The orignal is out in Miami Lakes and I'm sure that it must be the best of any seeing how it is the original? I have not been. The one at the Alexander was ok...when you're stuck in Indy, his place has to rank among the best in town!

                The Palm in Bay Harbour was good, although I must confess it's been several years since I've been back.

                Are there any reasonable steak houses out there for honorable mention? I saw the NT Best Nicaraguan, I couldn't get my guest out of the car to go in! Just not a place you'd want to be eating a nice matter the price! Where do they come up with some of their pix???

                Los Ranchos at Bayside on the other hand is well worth a try. They do a, and I know I recently said I was against this sort of stuff on a sobe/ocean/lincoln thread but, 2-4-1 sunset special which is a great deal in a bayfront setting with all you can eat gallo pinto (redbeans and rice) and mariquitas (shaved fried plantains) served from a silver platter. A little Babalou in the background and Biscayne Bay in the foreground and this Nicaraguan steak house could almost be number 1 in all of Dade county!

                Vuelve-a-la-vida is a great 'return to life' app too!

                1. re: netmover

                  Yep, prime does not have the best steak. It has decent to good steak.

                  I went to shula's once 4 years ago and I got a ride there so I did not even know the location except that it is in dade. I have not been back but I have heard other people say I have no reason to go...

              2. Well, since you asked.....and you said in Florida...
                I have been to Ruth's many places, many Morton's, many Palms, Two Del Frisco's, several Capital Grilles as well as all the major independents all across the USA. Those are chains, but pretty good. One thing to note, if you like USDA Prime DRY AGED beef as I do, that only the Palm in NYC serves dry aged. Other Palms are wet aged, as is Morton's . Vito's in Orlando pretty good for a mid range steakhouse, and great wine list. Shula's in several cities, and in my opinion, at the bottom of the chains list.
                For a truly great steak at a great steakhouse with a well-deserved international reputation, try Bern's in Tampa. Prime, dry-aged on the premises. Best wine cellar in the south. True excellence in all things...service, farm-raised organic vegetables, the onion rings, home made salad dressings. Expensive but worth it.

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                1. re: steakman55

                  I tried bern's once and had a lousy steak there (and so did my 3 friends). I would not go back for steak, but I would go back for the dessert restaurant.

                  1. re: T. Pigeon

                    Two friends actually, I mistyped. Still did not excuse the steak. I also asked a bunch of locals why the steak was so bad and they had said that the place used to be much better.

                    1. re: T. Pigeon

                      Six friends of mine and I went to Berns about a year ago. We were all former Bern's fan. It was the worst meal any of us had ever had, only matched by hideous service. Never again.
                      That said - steak joints - Tara's on Marco and in Ft. Lauderdale; Capital Grille Miami, Del Frisco's Orlando only, Shula's Naples.

                  2. re: steakman55

                    Have you tried Gallagher's in NYC??? Love the window shopping! A dry aging mecca...

                    Their house vino is good too!

                    old school autentico


                    I heard there's one in Vegas...I'm not sure they're related though? Ain't nothing like the real thing...

                    1. re: netmover

                      I'm pretty sure the Las Vegas restaurant is related to the original. I ate there once a few years ago, and while I can't compare it to NYC, it was a damn fine steak. A couple of us tackled the 24oz ribeye. I waddled out of there fat, dumb and happy. I spent a lot of money, but at least I got some return...unlike the black jack tables.

                      FWIW, I was in the St. Petersburg area last weekend for a wedding and had dinner at the Salt Rock Grill. I went with fish, but I noticed some nice looking steaks in the dispay case. I also think the waitress told us they were all Prime and aged. Might be a decent alternative to "The Steakhouse".

                    2. re: steakman55

                      you sir have won!

                      not only did you mention the best steak house in the F L A, you sir señor steak man may have just mentioned the best steak house in the u s a maybe even "el mundo entero"!

                      Gracias amigo!

                      BERN'S it is...

                      BY FAR...Like Barbaro in the Kentucky Derby may he get well soon!

                      Surreal place, magical in only lamentation is having been there just once...having said that, let me say this: TAKE THE TOUR!

                      From the wine mecca to the fish tanks which btw you can chose your sea critter and they'll do it up the way you the multi ambiance dining salons to the dessert room with wine cask tables ay yi yi!

                      The steak: is tricky business!!!

                      Unique system I must say.

                      pick a cut
                      order by inch and weight...what?
                      Ultimately you are responsible for the steak you design! They should have a full proof menu for amatures...perhaps a training class or two? I was a little overwhelmed with it all whilst looking forward to the next time I could try to get the above equation down...perhaps I'll just pick something from the fish tank next time?

                      ciao hound

                      1. re: netmover

                        Berns the best steakhouse in the world? Give me a break. How did I get such a lousy steak then.

                        1. re: T. Pigeon

                          As previously mentioned at BERN'S, you design your own steak: cut; temp; weight; and inches thick...this is no easy equation! In essence, they've put the ball in your court. I will tell you straight away, I am not a big fan of the dry aging method, so few places do it that the beef actually tastes strange to me when I do finally taste one. The conisseurs, which I am not, will swear by this aging method and although to date I have yet to find a great dry aged steak, other than Gallagher's in NYC, I still think BERN'S is the coolest steak house I have ever been a long shot! I have not been to Lugar's, but I can hardly imagine the place being as far out as BERN'S, maybe the steak is better at Lugar's, but I'd be shocked to find Ports there from the 1500-1700's, or any overhead fish tanks from which you can pick the one you want for dinner, the multiple throwback posh dining salons, the funky dessert room...BERN'S is a Landmark for Pete's sake.

                          Ok, so now you're saying to yourself, self...let me get this straight, he does or doesn't like the steak, yet he thinks the place is #1, how can this be? I'm with you T, it wasn't the best steak I've ever eaten, but I'm willing to accept some of the resposibilty for that since ultimately the above equation was my design.

                          BERN'S is one of those places, that in my humble opinion, is a National Treasure and should be listed on some Historical Registrar if it isn't already.

                          The OP was TOP STEAK, not TOP STEAK HOUSE, so you are technically right, as is everyone because taste is a very subjective subject in deed.

                          1. re: netmover

                            I guess the cut out the vitriol. Berns obviously has the best wine menu in the country and probably the world and for wine afficionados, it is a must (they have a million bottles - This is not an exaggeration, they literally have about a million bottles of wine). Their dessert restaurant is outstanding, but to be honest, I had not particular recommendations because each dessert I tried was as fantastic as the last.

                            The only problem was the meal itself. Not only was the steak bad but the shrimp cocktail I had before the steak was pathetic too. Me and my friends travelled to tampa (from NY at the time) specifically to eat here because we heard it was the best bar none. Insofar as the meal goes, we were seriously disappointed. All of us know and had dry aged steak and we have been to many, many steakhouses.

                        2. re: netmover

                          are you dreaming? Please wake up!

                      2. I'll nominate Tuscan Steak

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                        1. re: sobe

                          I always forget them. Good one.

                          1. re: T. Pigeon

                            Love Tuscan. Their gargonzola Gnocchi and spice menu is awesome.

                            1. re: sobe

                              Yep, it is one of my favorites. I always think of them as an italian place rather than a steak place precisely because the gnocci gorgonzola is so good. Nevertheless their steak is very good and belongs among the top places in Miami for sure.