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May 16, 2006 12:11 AM

What's good in Deerfield FL?

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The hubby, Mr. Tastebud, is going to Deerfield FL for a three-day business trip. He's not looking forward to it (too much work to do).

To cheer him up, I promised I would research dinner possibilities in the area. He's staying at Howard Johnson's (A1A & NE 2nd St), but will have access to a car.

He loves Cuban food and seafood, prefers casual restaurants, and doesn't drink. Any great chowfinds that I can tell him about?


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  1. Hi Anne,
    Deerfield itself doesn't have that many notable places, but he's still very close to lots of good food. He'll be right by a few restaurants that are on the water and convenient for boaters to dock and eat, but not necessarily chow-worthy.

    But just around the corner: for great fish,

    Sunfish Grill -- just south of him in Pompano Beach. It's on Atlantic Blvd just west of A1A. And it's next to Mr. Fish, a fresh local fish seller who's storefront can't be missed when looking for Sunfish Grill. (Mr. Fish, btw, cares for the local pelicans which is such a nice thing.) Sunfish Grill is a local gem w/ excellent fish dishes and pretty casual and cozy.

    On that same street, slightly west of there, is Cafe Maxx. This is one of the most famous restaurants in the area, less casual than Sunfish Grill, but also good.

    He can go still a bit further south, to Commercial Blvd and Aruba will be right on the ocean there. This is a fun restaurant with loud music, very casual and pretty good food with a great view. Just west of there on Commercial is a Swiss bakery that has outstanding breakfast to go -- they're famous for the Bimini Bread, which is a dense bread coated with a sugary, fruity glaze. (You have to try it, it's good.)

    I lived in that area and don't know of any good Cuban restaurants. There is a Padrino's in Boca Raton, about 10 minutes north, if he wants Cuban and doesn't mind the drive.

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      Thanks! These all sound great, especially Padrino's. I think he's up for a 10 or 20 minute drive for good Cuban food.

      And he'd love to try some Brazilian food - are there any good places in Pompano Beach?


      1. re: AnneInMpls

        Pompano Beach has a HUGE Brazilian community. He can just drive on Atlantic Blvd between I-95 and US-1 and find a million little restaurants and food stores. I haven't tried them to recommend one, but there are several good Brazilian pizza places on that stretch.

        For a really GREAT Brazilian Rodizio experience, if he doesn't mind driving south to Ft. Lauderdale, he can take A1A for about 15 miles south to Las Olas Blvd and then go 1/4 west to Chima. Chima is a beautiful restaurant in the traditional Rodizio style: waiters dressed as gauchos wander the room with all types of meat on skewers and you flip a little token you're given to indicate if you're ready for more. If so, they'll swing by your table to stuff you with meat. The salad bar is phenominal, featuring white asparagus and other exotic veggies, excellent salads, etc. And the pao de queijo is wonderful. Also great caipirinhas and caipiroshkas. (I know you wrote that he doesn't drink, but since I know you're a vodka afficionado from other posts, figured I'd throw that in.)

        There is a Brazilian Rodizio closer to him called Gaucho Rodizio which I've heard from my IL's is good, but since they're not chowhounds and I haven't been there, can't vouch for it. I can't imagine that the atmosphere is as nice there as Chima's, though.

        And if he's going to head to Chima's, he can also wander Las Olas Blvd a little to the west of there where there are all sorts of great shops and restaurants.

          1. re: Dev

            Oh, I wish I were going along (especially for the caipiroshkas)!

            Thanks so much for these recommendations. I know he'll eat well while he's there.


      2. Just across the street from the HoJo's is the Whale's Rib. Had lunch there 4/15 with my wife and youngest daughter. GREAT Lobster Salad Sandwich, good bisque, and very unique "whale fries". Big portions, so I hope he's a big eater ! Friendly service and very reasonable prices. Can get a little crowded at dinner time. Enjoy.

        1. Thanks for the advice on eats in Deerfield Beach.

          Mr. Tastebud ate at the Whale's Rib (liked it), the Brazilian Grill (said it was so-so, but he was too lazy to drive down to Atlantic Blvd), and Little Havana (LOVED it). Plus ice cream and gelato whenever he saw it.

          You guys helped make his trip a success. Thanks again!


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          1. re: AnneInMpls

            Thanks for the Little Havana advice. The food was great. Can't beat the lunchtime menu prices either.