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May 15, 2006 07:22 PM


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Here are my top 3, down here in SOFLA. Please give me yours, wherever you hail from in this State of Sunshine!

1. Shuckers-special grilled wings. NBV

2. Ricky's-sacraligiously breaded, and served with the tips? But I still love those crispy critters! Hollywood.

3. Wing Zone-South Beach. It's a chain, I know, but I've been hard pressed to find better down here. HELP!!!

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  1. s

    Wings 'n' curls, Hollywood.

    Uncle Al's, Davie

    My house (five pounds of frozen wings, baked on indirect heat on the gas grill, topped with a sauce made of equal parts butter and hot sauce (NOT TABASCO!)

    1. The best are at Anthony's on Federal Highway. I know they're not fried, but they are so good!

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      1. re: adele

        The Pizza place just north of the airport?

        1. re: sobe
          s.m. koppelman

          Yeah, there. They don't have sauce, either. They're just rubbed with I think rosemary and a couple of other herbs, maybe some olive oil and salt and pepper and quickly roasted with onions in the same coal oven they use for the pizzas.

          It's not really the same animal as a Buffalo wing, but they're mighty good. They come out tasting like a *really* good day at a backyard charcoal grill.

        2. re: adele

          I heard Tark's had good wings? Any truth to that? is Tark's worth trying in general?

          1. re: sobe
            s.m. koppelman

            Tark's has very good wings and inexpensive, ice-cold draft beer. Since I don't think good wings are especially hard to find, I wouldn't make a special trip up from the middle of Dade for them, but if you're in the area it's definitely worth going.

            With the seafood stuff, go with what they prepare and batter fresh in-house: boiled shrimp, steamers, the fried whole clam bellies (not the clam strips from a bag), conch fritters, fish sandwiches.

            Grab stools at the counter and when in doubt, order whatever the people a few seats down are digging into enthusiastically.

            1. re: s.m. koppelman

              Just went to Tark's last night for some wings and beer. Great wings, although not the best i've ever had. (I live near buffalo, enough said.)

        3. 1. RJ Gators (chain, mostly in Brevard/Indian River): Breaded (though unbreaded is available), HUGE and hot sauce is great.

          2. Booth's Bowery (Nova Rd. and Herbert St., Port Orange): Medium and hot garlic are good, best wings I've found so far in Daytona area.

          3. NO IDEA! PLEASE HELP!! (and thanks for this topic!)

          1. If I'm correct, Wing Zone also supplies all the wings for Pizza Hut. I tried some recently in their "side sampler" and they are INEDIBLE! Flavorless hot sauce, wings are just stringy fat and barely any meat.

            This happened more than once, my husband got them as a solo app another time and only ate 2 -- not his usual wing-devouring self.

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            1. re: Covert Ops

              I know nothing of their affiliation with Pizza Hut. It's a stand alone store on washington ave with some 30 flavours to choose from. It's basically a delivery joint, and they do a nice job. Cajun and Buffalos are very good. Perhpas PH has some slogan called wing zone, but I can assure you there is no affiliation. Why would you order wings from PH anyway? Even their pizza is dreadful!!!

              1. re: netmover

                *smacks self* Bad journalist, not double-checking my facts. I work aroudn the corner from a Wing Zone that I had heard was terrible and someone else mentioned they were affiliated with Pizza Hut, but now checking up I realize it's Wing STREET that provides Pizza Hut's wings. Sorry!!

                (P.S. I'm a native New Yorker and believe me, I know there's better pizza around. But on family dinner night at the present time I'm held hostage by the tastes of my very picky 3-year-old. And we always get the 4-for-all, which has a different crust that I find much better than their greasy pan.)

                1. re: Covert Ops

                  no worries! when a 3 year old craves something it's best to get it, or a good set of earplugs and/or some good diversionary tactics! :-)

                  Wing Zone was invented by some college kids up in GA. They're spreading their Wings (NPI) throughout the SE. Having spent 2 years just an hour outside of Buffalo and 1/2 my life in NY, it's not easy to find the real Mcoy, that's why I did this post...I'm always searching...

                  I'll have a double order of Hot and Crispy please!

            2. any reports on Hardaways?

              Coconut Grove?