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May 10, 2006 12:59 PM

River Cafe, Garcia's or Joe's Seafood? - Miami

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Which one would you go to for lunch?

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    1. I've been to River for dinner and it was the best meal I've had in Miami so far, but it is in a storefront with little atmosphere. Garcia's is more "authentic" and it's nice to sit outside on the river before it gets too hot. My sandwich there was good but the flies were a little too authentic for me. So I guess it depends on what you're looking for - for food quality go River Oyster, for atmosphere for lunch I'd pick Garcia's, but good luck with the parking.

      1. Today? River. Leave Garcia's and Joe's for weekend lunch since River is closed for Sat and Sun lunch.

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          Actually, friday - good to know as the issue is still relevant.

          1. re: T. Pigeon

            Garcias over Joes...I have not been to River...yet.

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            Which has better food btw?

            1. re: T. Pigeon

              River, hands down. It depends what you're looking for though. I haven't been to Joes, but assuming it's the same as Garcia's, they're both casual whereas River us a little more upscale. If I was going with co-workers or a client, definitely River.

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                Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                Of the three, I've only been to Joe's (for lunch), back when I interned at the Criminal Justice Building. It's very good food and extremely casual, not pretentious or upscale in any way. The prices are very reasonable too.

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              Lax I think I am going to river. Thanks. Any tips on what to order. I am thinking the big seafood platter for an app but I am not sure on the main course, as I read previously you really like the churrasco there...

              1. re: T. Pigeon

                I have to be honest in that I've never been to River for lunch and not sure if the menu is the same; however, I am 100% sure that everything is good. I have never been disappointed in a meal there, and I have had plenty. Whether it's fish, seafood, beef or lamb, everything has been excellent. They have a seafood platter with various oysters, crab claws, etc., but consider the regular appetizers if they're on the menu. The tuna tartare is addicting and the gazpacho is very good (even though I think there's cream in it, which I consider cheating when it comes to gazpacho, but it's good so who cares). Enjoy

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                  Thanks, I will go with regular apps and report.

              2. re: lax2mia

                The River is wonderful.

                Lunch at the bar is a real treat. Tuna tartare... fried oysters...whatever is fresh on the half shell. The mahi sandwich is a reasonable lunch - served with house made rosemary flecked potato crisps. Believe it or not the pulled pork sandwich is a big hit too. Garcia's and Joe's are mostly about "authentic grungy atmosphere" but I'm with Bill on this one - River by a Miami Mile.


              3. Garcia's just got voted Best Meal under $10 in the Miami New Times...Grilled Dolphin Sandwich and a Beer! This place is head and heels over Joe's on the Miami River(not to be confused with the sobe institution). It is also a great place to buy seafood, as is the newly located Casablanca 2 doors down. Grouper Chowder at Garcia's is nice too, in addition to their specials. Go so you know....Beware lunches are very busy here...there is always a wait for outside seating. The front counter is cool in a pinch, but you will leave smelling like a cuchi-frito-bandito!!!

                And don't forget...Stone Crab season is over this weekend :-(

                1. ....just back from a return visit to Garcia┬┤s.......was disappointed as they seem to have increased prices inappropriately, especially "market price" unless you ask ahead of time.....will look for other options next visit