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May 3, 2006 09:20 AM


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Not brunch, but breakfast. Let's everyone chip in wherever you come from in the Sunshine State. My 3 happen to be in Miami, yours are? These 3 that I list are the best that I frequent at this end of the state, I hope to learn more in my immediate area and have a nice laundry list for all my in state travels too!

1. Front Porch Cafe-South Beach, Ocean Drive and 14th St.

2. Enriqueta's-Miami, NE 2nd Av and 29th St.

3. S&S Diner-Miami, NE 2nd Ave +\- 18th St.

Que viva Chowhound!

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  1. Balans - Very Specific, Eggs Benedict with ham is the best I ever had. Their sausages are great too. If you go on a weekday you get 2 bucks off making it a bargain.

    Good topic. Next time, Brunches.

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    1. re: T. Pigeon

      That's all you got T? I know your hiding your other 2 picks so we don't overcrowd the places! :-) You must frequent 2 more breakfast cannot breakfast on Eggs Benny alone! Please cough them up!

      1. re: netmover

        It is because you say top in florida. Because I do not know the entire state so well, I give answers that I feel confident would be in the class of a breakfast anywhere else in the state.

        Balans Eggs Benedict is the only one I feel that comfortable with which I can say if you went to the best breakfast in orlando or tampa, for example, then had breakfast here the next day, you would not be disappointed.

        My other favorites (front porch, cafeteria (all egg dishes), the rest of balans, and perhaps Davids Cafe II -- have not been to that one in a while so I am a bit gunshy on that one), may or may not match up against a superior breakfast somewhere else, so I didn't include them.

      2. re: T. Pigeon

        Great posts. Thanks so much. We need more areas to give recs.

        1. re: sammur

          Oops balans is in Sobe

          1. re: sammur

            Citrus County....the best is Dillon's in Crystal River, or Cinnamon Sticks in Inverness.

          2. re: T. Pigeon

            Your right on the money T! I just got back from Balans right now. You spared me a trip across the causeway, and for that I thank you. Got your eggs benny, although, I subbed the ham for bacon for two reasons: A. I prefer my eggs benny with bacon and B. I just had a Holiday Ham dinner with mashed sweet pots and brocoli at Joes Takeaway 2 days ago (takeway special of the day). Suffice it to say my ham quota for the week has been acheived with that one late lunch alone. Back to Balans and their eggs benny, it's excellent! The Hollandaise sauce was tangy/tart and nicely done. With the $2 off and coffee + juice included this has to be the best breakfast deals in south beach. Service was stellar as well I might add. $6.25 add tax and tip and your off for just $7.75! Naturally, I left an extra buck on account I saved two and the 94 cent tip 15% equalled didn't seem generous enough seeing how they take two off the already reasonable price of $8.25.

            Question: How's the day/night menu? It looks very interesting and seems to be full of value and dishes one does not readily find down here. Any recommendations beyond breakfast at Balans?

            I see you caught me snooping around NYC the other night! Hi 2 U 2! I was getting a little bored down here in the bottom and figured I'd stir it up there for a few...shame about 2nd ave!

            1. re: netmover

              I actually order the eggs bene with ham there as well but I also get a side order of sausage which is also very good.

              I had dinner there once a long time ago and I felt their sauses were good but their ingredients were not the best quality so I don't recommend it for anything else but breakfast.

              1. re: T. Pigeon

                Sorry I misread your post net. Was on the phone. Glad you liked it with bacon. I suspected it was really good, I just can't get off the ham :).

              2. re: netmover

                The Lobster club at Balans is great . the rest of the lunch/dinner menu is so so

                1. re: sobe

                  Has anyone tried Balans Seabass?

            2. j
              Johnny Majors

              The best breakfast in Florida lives at the Captains Galley near the causeway in Ft. Pierce. Pancakes beyond anything you've ever tasted

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              1. re: Johnny Majors

                You're absolutely right! It was a favorite morning stop for us a couple years back and just thinking about it starts my mouth watering.

              2. Definitely love Front Porch for breakfast! Definitely love breakfast. Good post.

                My favorites in Broward/Palm Beach County:

                1. Coral Rose Cafe -- Hollywood just west of Young Circle on Harrison St: delicious omelettes, amazing french toast crusted w/ 'everything', great homemade jam for the bread

                2. Pomperdale's -- Commercial Blvd east of US-1: good bagels, delicious matzo brie, excellent scrambled eggs & pastrami (so I'm told)

                3. Andre's Swiss Bakery -- Commercial Blvd just west of A1A: more of a take-out bakery (a few seats) but you can buy the outrageous bimini bread (they make the bread for all the great local restaurants) and head over to the beach at the bottom of Commercial to watch the sun rise.

                4. Croissant 'licious -- US-1 and McNab: the name is cheesy but the french pastries are amazing. They have a French baker here who turns out excellent croissants -- plain, chocolate, almond, you name it. GREAT apple pastries, gougeres (so good for breakfast) and really good coffee too. (Also good for sandwiches at lunch.)

                5. Cafe Luna Rossa -- Delray Beach on A1A at Atlantic Ave: outragous omelettes

                1. Ice Box Cafe on Michigan off Licoln. But it doesn't open till 11AM. Maybe it doesn't count?

                  1. In Miami area and in no particular order:

                    Paul - Aventura, yeah, it's a French chain and the service stinks but everything tastes really, really good.

                    Big Pink - Miami Beach, over the top breakfast, but where else can you get polenta fries with your eggs?

                    Ice Box - Miami Beach, so it doesn't open til 11, who's eating breakfast on a Sunday before 11 on Lincoln Rd anyway? Dulce de leche french toast and homemade granola make it worth it.

                    Buenos Aires Bakery - Miami Beach, take Argentine croissant (called a medialuna), dunk in cafe con leche. 'nuf said.

                    Rascal House - Sunny Isles, if only for the bread basket.

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                    1. re: lax2mia

                      >"Rascal House - Sunny Isles, if only for the bread basket."<

                      .and the pickles

                      1. re: Dev

                        Pickles for breakfast?

                        1. re: lax2mia

                          They usually put out their danishes along w/ the bread for breakfast, but if you arrive closer to lunchtime, they'll also put out the pickles. Their pickles are so good I have no problem eating a few before a plate of matzo brie or french toast.

                          1. re: Dev

                            I could live off their cucumbers and onion in vinegar.

                      2. re: lax2mia

                        Good stuff. I am going to try all the ones in miami beach really soon. Thanks.