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May 3, 2006 02:51 AM

Sourdough in Tampa/St. Pete?

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Being from the San Francisco bay area and now living in Tampa, I've a hankering for some good sourdough bread. Sadly, the stores I've tried only sell imitation sourdough. Well, they call it sourdough but it's really weak, almost none of that yummy sourness. Please help me get my sourdough fix!

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  1. The only ones I can think of would Fresh Market and Wild Oats.


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    1. re: Ribdog

      Is "fresh market" the same store as

      1. re: Bob Smith

        Fresh Market stores, and you do have the correct website, are very good, rather expensive, but worth it for many items. I use the one on 19 in Clearwater fairly often. I see the website mentions the following:

        Sourdough Breads
        To ensure the right amount of tangy sourdough flavor, it takes us two days to produce this delicious bread. And with its crispy crust and moist chewy center, we think its worth the wait!

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          Hmmm, looks tasty!

    2. The original comment has been removed