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Apr 27, 2006 02:40 PM


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Looking for great indian Margate or surrouding areas...Help

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  1. I wouldn't say great, but very good at Madras on Powerline. I don't think there's great Indian anywhere in South Florida.

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      I liked Madras and found Royal India on Griffin Road was also very good.

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        s.m. koppelman

        Is Royal India's a la carte stuff much better than the lunch buffet? We've only been to the lunch buffet and while it was super cheap, everything seemed to involve the same *extremely* mild curry and the chicken was tough as leather.

        Another vote for Madras Cafe, on Powerline near McNab in Pompano.

        Not quite as close to Margate (but probably closer than Royal India), I'm also pretty happy with India Grill on Oakland Park west of University in Sunrise. Like Madras, they've got a few less-common things on their menu (including some Indian Chinese) and also like Madras, their weekend buffet adds things like dosas. The shrimp dishes are not great (small frozen shrimp, alas), but they do a good job with meats and veg dishes. If you like things hot, try the lamb kandahari and the gobi manchurian (which is basically very, very good General Tso's Cauliflower); both are terrific spicy but a bit too sweet for me when made mild. Their carrot halwa is a super dessert.

        Afterward, go west another half mile and pick up a pound of Indo-Pak sweets at Nirala to go.

        Has anyone tried the vegetarian Indian place on University in Plantation? I'm curious but haven't had a chance to get there yet.

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          I haven't been to the lunch buffet. But I loved the Vegetable Samosas and the Butter Chicken, also shared the Tandoori Mixed Grill which was good. Everything was tasty and tender. All accompanying breads and sauces were very good. As for the heat, I remember the waitress asking my friend what level he wanted for the curry so I guess you get what you ask for.

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            I also haven't been to the lunch buffet at RI, but eaten there for dinner many times. We've always had a good experience. Yes, I've had better Indian food in other places (like Toronto, an ethnic food haven!) but Royal India is still very good.

            I'm a veg so can only recommend the veggie dishes personally. And since their bhindi masala (okra) is so good (and I order it spicy, btw, as you can select your spice level) I rarely order other favorites, like aloo saag (cauliflower & potatoes) or spinach dishes. The naan is delicious. My friends and family have had biryani dishes, several friends love Chicken Tikka (sp?) and Chicken Tikka Masala and we've all enjoyed our meals. And the service is always very nice. I'd recommend giving it a try for dinner.

    2. I was just wondering if all of these places were still around. I live in Hollywood, so if anyone can suggest some good Indian near there, or some Indian food that's worth a drive, please do. Thanks.

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        I'd avoid Royal India. I think the Palace is owned by the same people who have the good India Grill in Sunrise (see above) and if so, it's a good bet.

        There are two newish and quite good South Indian vegetarian places in Central Broward: an Udipi Cafe on University near Sunrise, and Woodlands a bit further north on University, somewhere between Oakland Park and Commercial. Udipi's a bit better IMO (and nicer and a wee bit more expensive.. but both are super-cheap by any normal standard).

      2. My favorite Indian in the area is The Palace on SR 84 between Hiatus and Flamingo. That's not too far from Hollywood and considering the convenient (right off 595) location, not hard to reach from anywhere.

        The service is not fast, but quite friendly, and the food is excellent. They often host parties in their banquet room on weekend nights and its fun to see the beautiful saris and listen to the great Indian dance music. Lunches are buffet-style and I haven't been, but my husband and his friends from Indian have it all the time. We love everything that we've had here and I feel that The Palace makes the best butter chicken around.

        I have tried Royal India on Griffin, but much prefer the Palace.