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Apr 26, 2006 09:07 PM

6 days in Venice, Florida, any good bars/pubs/restos?

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Hey everyone! My mom uses this site often to locate good restos all around the states and she suggested I give it a whirl~!

My friends & I (ages 23-25) are headed to Venice, Florida for 6 days. Im not familiar with the area, I understand its about 1 hour outside of Tampa and maybe 45min. away from Sarasota. Either way, not sure if we are going to have a car down here, so are their any cool sports bars/pubs/clubs around?

Keep in mind, Im NOT lookin for expensive restos here, just some places for people in my age range. Any suggestions or tips of places we should try out?

Thanx in advance


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  1. Hi-

    Please keep any responses focused on establishments that serve food, discussion of only bar scenes will be removed.

    Thanks for helping us keep the discussion on chow.

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      What is a restos? Is that like a restaurant? Anyway, for your demographic, you are really heading to the wrong place. This is deep in the heart of Heaven's waiting room.

      1. Try Sharkey's

        Its off by itself on the beach at the end of a fishing pier. They have out door eating and music at night, as well as decent seafood inside.

        Another laid back place that you might find interesting is Pop's sunset grill. It is in Nacomis (about 1 mile north of Venice) on an inlet across from the coast guard station.

        1. That's in Nokomis. Right next door to Pop's is Pelican Alley which can be real good on the right night. Pelican Alley used to be the best place in Nokomis, but the new management has changed that.