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Apr 19, 2006 10:43 AM

Looking for a great local Cuban restaurant in Miami

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Hi - Does anyone have a recommendation for a great local cuban restaurant to go to in Miami this weekend. Would appreciate any insights. Regards, TL

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    Tha Groovin' Gourmet

    We like Latin American Grill, with several locations. We do the one in Miami Lakes. Huge menu, great sandwiches. We like sitting at the counter so we can watch sandwich hombre work his magic.

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    1. re: Tha Groovin' Gourmet

      Any TRUE Cuban restaurant would have Cuba, or Cuban Food, in their name.

      That said, you need only find 'Calle Ocho' {kai-YO-cho) translates as 'eight street'. Actually,
      SW 8th St. It's in the heart of the Little Havana community, and it's still reasonably safe for tourism in the daytime.

      1. re: VictorLouis

        Versailles! It's where all Cubans eat year after year.

        1. re: Miyazawa

          It is also overrated.

          1. re: T. Pigeon

            I agree, Versailles is plah-plah

            El Pub is jumping on a Saturday night - live old time combo with your supper, very authentic, and cheap. You can stroll around the neighborhood and have dessert somewhere else if you like.

            1. re: cubanita

              I had a nice breakfast at El Pub the other day. I'm glad to see it's back! It had closed down a while back. What about the place Casa Paco? Any good?

              1. re: cubanita

                i don't mean to completely bash another hound's recommendation BUT....El Pub, at 1548 SW 8th st is hands-down disgusting. like, without a doubt. there are few restaurants in the world that i'd say that i would absolutely never set foot in again, and this is one of them.

                we ordered:

                arroz con pollo (that came with a far-grosser-than-campbells chicken noodle soup [noodles were beyond mushy and gelatenous, broth was sickeningly salty]) - the chicken was just plain awful and the rice was cold, hard, greasy and flat-out embarrassing.

                cubano: it was ok. it certainly wasn't so great, but it was far better than anything else we had.

                lamb stew: i didn't try it but my friend said it was awful as well. and this guy eats lamb like no one i've ever seen. food trucks, food carts, 5* restaurants....he eats it anywhere. and couldnt eat it here.

                tamale: somehow they managed to put grease into this as well. and it was served, inexplicably, with the insides of their "maximum cubano" sandwich (or whatever they call their cubano with salami and pepperoni) laid out next to it. looked as if the "chef" put the meat, cheese, and pickles down on the tamale plate as he went to look for a loaf of bread, only when he returned with the bread for his meat, our waitress had taken the plate to our table, leaving poor "chef" without all the meat he had just sliced up and laid out in a line for his bread....

                just an awful dining experience.

          2. re: VictorLouis

            Versailles! It's where all Cubans eat year after year.

        2. Las Culebrinas in the Grove--also has good Spanish food. White table cloth. Some of the best ropa I've had.

          Versailles--everyone should go at least once. Huge menu. Allways busy with loud Cubans. Moderately priced.

          EL PALACIO DE LOS JUGOS!--if clientele in undershirts doesn't scare you off. Their chicharrones are tops. Very, very cheap. Has tropical juices, of course.

          El Cacahual--if you want to drive all over creation and get lost. Very hard to find and far from everything. Some of the best lechon in Miami (the signs says its the best in the world, but I have had better in Puerto Rico...)

          Actually any place serving any kind of remotely Cuban food in Miami will be at least good. And cheap.

          1. Lario's on the Beach-Ocean Drive and 8th St.


            Casa Lario's on Flager just west of the Palmetto X-way.

            Latin American Grill(not to be confused with Latin American Cafeteria also good) in Miami Lakes is awesome, they also have locations in Pembroke Pines, Weston and NW36th St and 79th Ave.

            If you really want to take your cuban food to a whole new level-try Dougy Rodriguez's OLA on Ocean Drive and 4th St. This is the creator of nuoveau latin cuisine. Very pricey - yet very tasty! The crusted mahi served on rabo (hot) and tomato escabeche (cold) is cuban kicked up umpteen notches...keep them creative juices flowing DR!

            1. Luis Galindo's Original Latin American Red Road and SW 9th relation to the others.

              1. I am a Miami regular. I have rarely been disapointed by any of the many I have sampled, but if you have to go to only one, Versailles is the choice. 3555 sw 8th. It is the place that the locals go to. Seems to be a place of social gathering, and eating. It does not have the appearance of fine dining (more of a fancy diner) yet all the locals are always dressed well. If something of importance happens in the Cuban community, the news crews interview at Versailles. A must visit place, if you are interested in getting a real feel of Miami.

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                1. re: Cuba Libre

                  Havana Vieja in coral way an 32 ave , really good cuban food.