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Daytona dives, wings, steaks, etc.

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Coming to Daytona for a couple days next week. Any great recs for burgers, steaks, wings (boneless), Asian, anything really. Cheaper for lunches, 25 or so a person for dinner is fine.

Also, any great breakfast recs?

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  1. Lots of great restaurants here! Rossi's on US1 in South Daytona is our favorite diner for breakfast, but it is always packed, so you may have to wait. A really cool place to eat is Crabby Joe's in the middle of the Sunglow Pier - an open air restaurant for breakfast lunch and dinner. You can see the waves between the pier planks under your feet and the birds fly up and sit on the window ledges! Racing's North Turn Restaurant on A1A in Daytona Beach Shores or Ponce Inlet has a huge deck that is actually right out on the beach with great views! Best food we have had here so far is at the Spruce Creek Fly-in in Port Orange at the Downwind Cafe. It is inside a gated community off of Taylor Rd. west of 95. Anything is good, but the scallops are OUTSTANDING! Go to www.elainebarnicle.com for lots more local web links that may help you choose as well. Happy Eating!

    Link: http://www.elainebarnicle.com/

    1. 1. Bettys, A-1-A in Ormond for great onion rings, yes, hand battered, and good burgers.
      2. Billy's Tap Room, on Granada in Ormond for nice sit down dinner, with white tablecloths, for general good food, great grouper.
      3. *** I don't know the name, in Port orange, East end of bridge, SOUTH side, for casual seafood. Ya really park under the bridge.
      4. First Turn on US-1 in South Port Orange, for casual good bar chow (wings are great) til about 11 P.M.
      5. Delcato's on SR 40, in Publix shopping center, almost adjacent to I-95, for respectable Italian.
      6. Peach Vally, on SR 40 at A-1-A Good breakfast, clean, great hamburgers.
      7. **I forgot the name.. On Main St., about 100 feet West of A-1-A, is a little b'fast/lunch dive, with respectable food and an observable clientele.

      Keep us posted.


      1. 10.Wise Guys watering hole. Not really a "dive" but not exquisite. A biker bar on main street with great wings, chili and burgers.
        9.A wet spot on us 1. Great bartenders, stiff drinks and good wings.
        8.The Daytona Beach Boardwalk serves the best hamburgers in Daytona.
        7.Jan and Libs Hightop's Lounge on us 1. This place serves great flame grilled steaks and burgers with stff drinks and live bands.
        6. Gilley's Pub44 used to be a dive in New Smyrna. They serve the signature sizzlin ribeye. The best steak in Volusia county. great bands and bartenders.
        5.The circus bar 2 on us 1 has stiff drinks and great hamburgers for cheap!
        4. Checkers cafe and lounge on A1A serve wings, bugers and steaks all night long.
        3. The Ocean Deck on Daytona Beach has the best overal food and you can eat it in your swim trunks.
        2. Oyster Bay on International speedway Blvd is the only true seafood dive.
        1. The Brickyard on International speedway Blvd is Number one for daytona beach.

        1. When I interviewed at the newspaper here they took me to the Ocean Deck for lunch, and I found the food barely edible.

          I ordered a spinach and artichoke dip appetizer -- I love spinach dip, and didn't think there was a way it could be screwed up. It arrived in a styrofoam bowl with two packages of crackers and was cold -- it tasted like they just poured it out of a tub from Publix.

          My entree was a grilled mahi sandwich that my fellow diners recommended. It was completely bland and tasteless, and overcooked.

          It was a fun place with an upbeat atmosphere -- I'd love to go there and drink and listen to music. But eat? No way. If you want to eat in your swim trunks Racing's North Turn or other places with supremely better food. (A friend of mine mentioned a place on the beach at the Dunlawton approach -- not sure if it's Pirates Cove or something else?)

          1. Okay, I'm way late getting in to this discussion. Next time you're in Daytona, take the time to drive to New SMyrna Beach and go to the Breakers at the end of Flagler Ave. for great hamburgers, Yuengling and Blue Moon on tap! There's also a great seafood place called Chase's on the Beach. It's right on the beach (duh!) but it also has a pool! Great and casual - the chef there was trained at a culinary school in Miami. All seating and the bar is open-air.

            1. PDeveaux: I saw Breakers last time I hit the beach, looked like a fun place, I'll definitely check it out next time. :-)

              For great wings, go to Houligan's in Ormond, strip mall at Granada and Clyde Morris. "Wally" wings -- breaded, fried, sauced THEN grilled. AWESOME!! Some of the best I've found in Daytona so far (though I haven't been to First Turn yet, I heard they are good). Pretty large menu other than that, comfortable seating, lots of beers on tap (don't ask me about specialty ones). Lackluster service but not unexpected.

              Another breakfast place, really trashy but super good, is Biscuits N Gravy on Nova Road at Madeleine, Port Orange/South Daytona. As expected, the biscuits are great. :-P Lunch specials are good -- I had a chicken pot pie there, I had no idea you could make a chicken pot pie taste MORE fattening than it really is, but they found a way! (I think they kinda fried it or something.) Bad for your arteries but good for your tummy! Huge omelettes too.

              1. Sorry to hear ocean Deck has gone downhill. I haven't been there in a couple of years. I think that place may go through cooks like underwear!

                My no. 1 reccomened place is The Brick Yard! I have been there recently and it will never change. Best burger in Daytona!

                1. Since my dad moved to Daytona, I've been visiting.
                  Is the Ocean Deck the same as Our Deck? Over on the intercoastal?
                  I was there 2 weeks ago, and ordered the grilled grouper sandwich. The filet was too big for the bun... and it was so fresh, it was still moving.. LOL...
                  It was really good.
                  French fries were lousey.
                  Beer was cold.
                  Ambience is great.

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                    No, Our Deck Down Under is a different place, the one Charles mentioned but couldn't name a few replies up, #3 on his list.

                    I haven't been there but have been meaning to try it -- I met some people who are cooks there and they couldn't stop raving about the food. (Most cooks can't stand their own food after a short time.)

                  2. No,, The Ocean deck is on the beach just south of the pier. As far as breakfest, Try ted's 2 on US 1 in holly hill. Cheap and GOOD!

                    1. For a great burger and a cold beer try the Brickyard in Daytona on ISB. Another great dive is Philly's in Port Orange on US1.

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                        Brickyard in Daytona has my vote. Second best burger on my lifelong list.