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Mar 29, 2006 12:41 PM

Tallahassee help needed--ethnic food!

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A friend will be there this weekend and is looking for good ethnic food of any price range, low or high. Particularly interested in Thai, Indian or Vietnamese. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bahn Thai is probably the best bet for what you've asked about. The best ethnic in Tall. is Lucy Ho's chinese.

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    1. re: ralph
      Lord Griffin

      Lucy Ho's is def the best chinese. reang thai is far far superior to bahn thai.

      samrat is very decent indian, i used to hit it up once a week when i lived there. the lamb mango is awesome.

      1. re: ralph

        i have to completely disagree about bahn thai.
        for years i thought i hated thai food b/c of this place. definitely not a good representation of thai

      2. Not quite in your category, but Sahara has outstanding Lebanese and Greek food. One block off Apalachee Parkway. Bahn Thai good also. No disagreement there.

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          Lord Griffin

          Bahn Thai is absolutely horrible thai food. Reang thai is way way tastier and authentic. If you go to reang thai get one of their specials or one of their curries. their larb is also great.

        2. Rhengtai is pretty good off of Capital Circle NE. In the little strip mall behind Calico Jack's.

          Samrat is also pretty decent Indian. On Apalachee by Sonny's.

          I've heard that there's a place called "Eastern Cuisine" or "Asian Cuisine" something like that which is in the Kinko's/Brugger's/Starbucks/TJMax plaza near Thomasvile and Timberlane, that's supposed to have really good Vietnamese and other Asian foods.

          (PS - I heard about this site for the first time on PRI's Open Source tonight. Very interesting creator!! Well spoken!!!)

          1. For great ethnic food, I would recommend International House of Food (what I call IHOF). It’s not Indian, Thai, or Vietnamese, but it is truly ethnic. The cuisine is Middle Eastern, and has a highly unusually flavor. IHOF has some typical Greek dishes like Gyros, which are nothing special (for Greek food I would recommend Pitaria, another restaurant in town). The dishes at IHOF that are spectacular are the daily specials. The man who runs the restaurant prepares them from scratch, and uses intriguing yet delicious spices and flavors. He usually offers two to three of these daily specials, which usually change daily. So you have to keep coming back to try all the exotic meals. One of my favorites is the Pomegranate, Walnut, and Beef dish. The Pomegranate adds a slightly sweet taste, while the walnut and beef add depth and interest. All of the daily specials are served with a traditional cucumber and tomato salad, and basmati rice, and warm pita bread.

            The décor is rather drab and uninspiring, but don’t let that turn you away. The food is too great to pass up, especially since it’s extremely affordable, usually about seven dollars for a daily special and a drink. Another bonus is that the restaurant doubles as a little ethnic market, which used to house unusual spices that could not be found anywhere else in town (although I’m not sure if the store still carries the wide variety of spices that it once did). Additionally, there is a little Asian market a few stores down, which supposedly has great Kim Chi (although I’m not sure how to spell that, and have not tried it myself, yet) Overall, IHOF may be an interesting, and assuredly delicious option for you and your friend.

            PS- it's located in an unassuming store on North Monroe, across from Hooters.

            1. Samrat is solid Indian, the menu items are better than the buffet, which is vegetarian on Saturdays.
              I would also suggest "Far East Cusine" which is the restaurant recommended above in the Kinko's shopping center at Thomasville and Capital Circle. Prices are great, and the Pho is fresh and spiced nicely.They serve Vientamese and the generic chinese.

              Rang Thai is good, but would be in the high price range. Also if you see a large party being seated, walk out. The staff gets easily frazzled and can't keep up with smaller tables and a large table at once.

              There is a new Indian restaurant behind the Olive Garden on Apalachee Parkway. The food was okay, but they were a little stingy on the chicken, and the bread is better at Samrat.

              IHOF and Sahara are good if you are looking for Middle Eastern.
              I would stay away from Bahn Thai at any costs. Lucy Ho's was good at one time, but last time I went (summer 2006) it was mediocre.
              Happy Chowing.