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Mar 9, 2006 06:32 PM

Buffet Brunch, Ritz-Carlton Naples Golf Resort

  • k

Has anyone tried the Ritz-Carlton, Naples Golf Resort's breakfast buffet? Does it exist? If it doesn't, does any exist?

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  1. All ritz Carltons operate a breakfast buffet. It's the Marriott way...

    1. Oh YES! It exists. I don't know if it is an every Sunday thing beacause I had their Easter Brunch. It is the best brunch I have ever been to food wise. (outrageous filet mignon, fabulous seafood, amazing desserts) The atmosphere, service and price were another story. No drinks were included so the total price pp was almost $90 and that was, of course, before tip. The atmosphere (and maybe this is only an Easter thing) was disappointing. They put up some tables and chairs in a conference room. Finally, the service was not up to the Ritz standard, in my opinion. Maybe the crowd was just a lot more than they expected due to the holiday.

      Good luck & enjoy!