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Mar 4, 2006 03:53 PM

I can believe no one in Tallahassee has mentioned...

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Mon Pere Et Moi. As an unabashed food snob who recently moved to San Fran, i find the one place i miss to be this restaurant. By FAR the best food in town, lunches every day, dinner on saturday. Its country french done perfectly, and rivals any of the best country french ive had in SF. Why does this place get no buzz?

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  1. I'd love to try it. Where is it located?

    1. Dear Lord Griffin, it was probably not mentioned as it was sold back in July and no longer exist. The new place is called Sage, is owned by the former chef of Mon Pere, but it's just not as good as Mon Pere Et Moi. They kept the onion soup on the menu but everything else changed.

      1. The prices and service at Sage are also lacking. Has anyone tried the new Ruby Skye? I hear that it is good but was wondering if any foodies had eaten there. I plan on going in the next month.

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          Carinole, I went to Ruby Skye two weeks ago and found the food to be average. I know that it got five hats - the same week that I dined there so did Ashby. I would give it 3.5 hats - that is just my opinion. We had a recommended appetizer that was only ok at best. Then ordered the tuna, which had zero flavor, and the ginger snap salmon that was scorched in several places. Worse still was the obnoxious waiter that felt compelled to message my shoulders while I reviewed the wine list and repeatedly tap my shoulder every time he passed by my table. I wanted to kill him by the end of the meal. Then a bunch of teenagers were seated next to me and talked on their cell phones and hung out. I got the impression that they were friends or relatives of the owner. It was distracting. I won't be returning to Ruby Skye. I like Liam’s and Cool Beans and Cypress far more. Sorry for such a bummer report. I will be curious to know what your experience was like.