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Feb 28, 2006 06:38 PM

What's the best restaurant in Lakeland Fl. ?

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Need to meet someone in Lakeland next week, and am trying to find a good restaurant for a family to get together for a few hours. Any suggestions?

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  1. Someone just asked the same question Feb. 19. See link.


    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    1. I was in Lakeland Thursday night and ate at Harry's. Service and food were excellent. Here is the website. http://www.hookedonharrys.com/page/28... Enjoy.

      1. The "Best Restaurant in Lakeland" must be "The Deli at Publix"...

        1. Here is a start

          The following get very high marks from the Lakeland newspaper:

          (these are fancier and pricier)
          -Antiquarian (in Lakeland)
          -Mario's Intalian Restaurant (in Lakeland)
          -Red Rose Dining Room (in Plant City)
          -Terrace Grill
          -Christy's Sundown Restaurant (in Winter Haven)
          -The Club at Eaglebrook (in South Lakeland)

          also getting good marks but not as fancy:
          -Bonefish Grill (solid and reasonable, small chain)
          -JJ's Cafe (good sandwiches)
          -Chalet Suzanne (in Lake Wales)
          -Farmer Jones Red Barn (steak)

          also solid:
          -Harry's (101 N Kentucky Ave)
          -Reececliff (burgers & pie!) on South Fla Ave
          -Terrace Hotel (nice)
          -Tapatio's (mexican) 734 E Memorial Blvd -- casual{www.tapatiosmexicano.com


          and then there's BBQ
          -Peebles (503 Dixie Hwy in Auburndale) -- authentic, nothin' fancy at all but does BBQ right -- ribs, pulled pork, chicken, big ups
          -Garls -- 8121 US Hwy 98 in North Lakeland
          -Curly Tails -- 330 Old Winter Haven Rd, Bartow -- an oak tree in the center of the place lends an air of casual fun -- solid
          -Bunky's Smokehouse BBQ -- 201 E Hinson Ave in Haines City -- solid work here
          -Happy Jack's BBQ -- 3151 US 98 South
          -Jumbo's Pit BBQ -- 1215 Memorial Blvd
          -Manny's Original Chophouse -- 35496 US 27 North in Haines City
          -Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q -- 3611 US 98N in Lakeland and 595 N Broadway Ave in Bartow -- not great but ok for a chain