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Feb 28, 2006 06:38 PM

What's the best restaurant in Lakeland Fl. ?

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Need to meet someone in Lakeland next week, and am trying to find a good restaurant for a family to get together for a few hours. Any suggestions?

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  1. Someone just asked the same question Feb. 19. See link.



    1. I was in Lakeland Thursday night and ate at Harry's. Service and food were excellent. Here is the website. Enjoy.

      1. The "Best Restaurant in Lakeland" must be "The Deli at Publix"...

        1. Here is a start

          The following get very high marks from the Lakeland newspaper:

          (these are fancier and pricier)
          -Antiquarian (in Lakeland)
          -Mario's Intalian Restaurant (in Lakeland)
          -Red Rose Dining Room (in Plant City)
          -Terrace Grill
          -Christy's Sundown Restaurant (in Winter Haven)
          -The Club at Eaglebrook (in South Lakeland)

          also getting good marks but not as fancy:
          -Bonefish Grill (solid and reasonable, small chain)
          -JJ's Cafe (good sandwiches)
          -Chalet Suzanne (in Lake Wales)
          -Farmer Jones Red Barn (steak)

          also solid:
          -Harry's (101 N Kentucky Ave)
          -Reececliff (burgers & pie!) on South Fla Ave
          -Terrace Hotel (nice)
          -Tapatio's (mexican) 734 E Memorial Blvd -- casual{


          and then there's BBQ
          -Peebles (503 Dixie Hwy in Auburndale) -- authentic, nothin' fancy at all but does BBQ right -- ribs, pulled pork, chicken, big ups
          -Garls -- 8121 US Hwy 98 in North Lakeland
          -Curly Tails -- 330 Old Winter Haven Rd, Bartow -- an oak tree in the center of the place lends an air of casual fun -- solid
          -Bunky's Smokehouse BBQ -- 201 E Hinson Ave in Haines City -- solid work here
          -Happy Jack's BBQ -- 3151 US 98 South
          -Jumbo's Pit BBQ -- 1215 Memorial Blvd
          -Manny's Original Chophouse -- 35496 US 27 North in Haines City
          -Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q -- 3611 US 98N in Lakeland and 595 N Broadway Ave in Bartow -- not great but ok for a chain