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Feb 26, 2006 02:33 PM

Where is Chinatown in Orlando?

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Does anyone know where Chinatown is in the Greater Orlando area? Are there many Chinese restaurants and grocery stores?

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  1. The largest Asian population in Central Florida is Vietnamese, with many of the best restaurants and grocery stores located in an 8-10 block area centered at the intersection of (N-S) Mills Ave. (Highway 17-92) and (E-W) Colonial Drive (S.R. 50).
    The few good Chinese restaurants in town are scattered. Please review a few recent posts on this subject.
    My personal favorites include Winnie's, Eastern Pearl, Magic Wok. and Tasty Wok. Mostly cheap, mass-produced Chinese buffets predominate this market.


    1. The location is 5060 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32808. There is 1st Oriental Supermarket which is big, and likely is bossed by Vietnamese. There is a cake shop which has favors of Asian style. Also has a Herbal/Acupuncture clinic and other traveling agencies. There is a seefood family restaurant. The taste is ordinary but pretty expensive. A dish of Jellyfish will cost you $18 but in the nearby supermarket a bag of same size is only $1.6. A dish of potato will be $10. These is Chinse idiom called: " Kill the acquaintance". Be careful of that.

      1. You are 10 years too late. Splendid China has closed. Check out

        The food was not too bad the first few months of its' existence.