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Feb 21, 2006 12:27 PM

Bayside Marketplace on Biscayne

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Any great places to eat at Bayside? I know that they also have a food court so places in the court are options too.

We are a family of 4 and we like all types of food.


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  1. When I'm at Bayside, I usually go to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and have the Run Across America platter with the Medal of Honor Margarita.

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      Forgot to mention in my previous post that you should be aware that most, if not all, restaurants in Bayside add a gratuity into your bill.

    2. There's Los Ranchos, which is a local Nicaraguan chain that serves churrasco and other grilled items. Pretty good considering the touristy surroundings. It's one of those "only in Miami" type of places.

      1. It is a tourist trap that caters to the cruise line crowd.

        Do you have to eat at Bayside?

        1. Los Ranchos is very good as is Latin America Cafe.
          The Mediterranean place upstairs isn't bad for fast food.
          Coco Gelato is the best as is the juice joint.

          1. I will second Los Ranchos - you should know that they have a special which would be good for a family of four where during certain hours (4-6 or something like that) the dinners are 2 for 1, the only thing is everyone is required to buy a drink-soda, tea, whatever. Also the rice beans and plaintains are all you can eat, so call the waiter over if you are hungry. They have nice sauces on the table - chimichurri and some others I don't know the name of.

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              agreed regarding the gallo pinto and the sauces.

              delicious $20 flank steak with AYCE rice and beans and fried plantains? worked for me two nights ago and will work again.

              stay away from the shrimp cocktail. unless you like undercooked shrimp.

              the capirina was poor as well.