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Feb 8, 2006 03:19 PM

The best tortillas in Orlando

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I'm looking for the best tortillas you can buy in Orlando. The kind that are fresh and made daily. The kind you can eat straight without any need to dress them up.

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  1. just wanted to bump this thread - i would be interested to see if anyone has any thoughts on this these days

    1. Its a bit of a drive, but I strongly recommend Tortilleria La Mexicana (708 S Orange Blossom Trl, Apopka, FL 32703).

      Its a traditional "home style" Mexican restaurant catering largely to the farming community in and around Apopka. The food is delicious (be sure to try the lengua or barbacoa tacos) and they offer menudo (the dish not the 80s pop band) every night of the week.

      During any given hour you will see droves of patrons coming in and out of the restaurant to purchase stacks of tortillas which are sold by the pound.

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      1. re: lauderdale75

        I'd like to get my hand on the large tortillas that are used for burritos. I've seen in scores of Mexican grocery stores and nobody sells them.

        You know the kind I'm talking about, the ones that about 16 inches across. Several taco shops use them, but none of them will sell them by themselves.

        1. re: bkhuna

          I suspect that the 16" tortillas are more difficult to find since they're manufactured in a commercial facility under a commercial press (roller style). The "handmade" ones you'll find at the aforementioned Tortilleria (or similar establishments) are made by hand by placing a small amount of dough under a tortilla press. Most residential and light-commercial-use tortilla presses are made to yield more ubiquitous 6"-8" tortillas. (See images of presses here:


        2. re: lauderdale75

          that is a great tip - and yes - i will go - why the heck not - also - do you - or does anyone know of a tortilla factory in the area- i would like to find fresh masa- not masa harina !!