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Feb 4, 2006 01:25 PM

Mississippi Sweets in Lake Worth good BBQ?

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I'd appreciate any feed back on Mississippi Sweets, thanx.

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    If I'm not mistaken, Mississippi Sweets had a previous life in Boynton Beach in the Publix Shopping center on Congress. It was not spectacular there and I would not expect better luck now.

    1. We've only been to the one in Boca. I've never felt it was quite as good as the hype warranted but it's pretty solid and the namesake fried sweet potatoes are very good. Portions are substantial.

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        Is it real Q like Tom Jenkins or faux Q like Lucille's?

      2. Neither. Whereas Jenkins smokes their meat in a pit exclusively fueled by wood and Lucille's smokes their meat in an electric pit with wood thrown in to create some smoke (and then disingenuously hypes it is "real" bbq), there is no smoke involved at Mississippi Sweets. Mississippi Sweets a rib joint rather than a bbq joint (and unlike Luciell's I don't think they pretend it's something it isn't). They serve boiled baby back ribs that are finished on the grill with bbq sauce. The rib joint is really a separate, entirely legitimate, genre from bbq and Mississippi Sweets excels at it (as long as you know what to expect). and Mississippi Sweets is perhaps the best example of such in the area.

        1. At Mississippi Sweets, its all about the sauce. Their sauce is great, you could use it to cover anything. The sweet potatoes are good. The service at both Boca and Boynton needs work. The Boca store carries the "boca attitude", which means they could care less if you eat there.