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THAI (help!)

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Hi everyone.

Just moved here from NYC like 3 months ago . and I am really craving some good Thai.

Dont expect to find what I can get back home but thats ok.. I would just like a nice authentic place I can go and have some good food..

I can't understand these thai-japanese 'fusion' places that are everywhere.. sushi bar in a Thai restaurant?? and they're usually really bad at BOTH cuisines.. lol

any advice would be appreciated, I live in ft lauderdale, but would be willing to go as far south as Miami ... Since I go there often.. THANKS!!!


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  1. These are the best I've been to:

    Eddie Hill's Sushi & Thai
    134 N Federal Hwy
    Hallandale Beach, FL 33009-4353
    (954) 454-0023

    Siam Lotus Room
    6388 S Dixie Hwy
    South Miami, FL 33143
    Phone:(305) 666-8134

    1. In Fort Lauderdale area, there aren't a lot of good Thai restaurants. There is one that I like, on Sunrise Blvd around where Sunrise and US-1 meet, but I can't remember the name. Sorry about that.

      In Hollywood area there is Nakorn Thai -- haven't been there in a while but I've always had a good meal there. In Sunny Isles there's Siam River, on 163rd Street east of US-1.

      Eddie Hill's is a combo Japanese/Thai and they're better at the Japanese; I wouldn't recommend that based on what you mentioned in your post.

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        Eddie Hill has GREAT Pad Thai & Curry Dishes and more.

        AND if you want to try vietnamese, this place has an extensive authentic menu. I have only been there once and enjoyed it. Very reasonable prices.

        Little Saigon Vietnamese
        16752 N Miami Ave
        North Miami Bch, FL 33169-6033
        (305) 653-3377

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          The one at Sunrise and us1 is SukhoThai in Gateway Plaza. That's were we go most often, although I work in Wilton Manors and we get take out from Galanga and Siam Cuisine. Both on Wilton Manors Dr. and very good too.

        2. By the way, it's very helpful if you include the city/area of your preference in the subject line of your post. Florida is such a big area for this board to cover -- if your subject line reads 'South Florida' or 'Fort Lauderdale', you'll get more responses and it's easier on all participants across the state. I hope you enjoy your new home!

          1. My favorite thai in sobe is the thai house. It is not amazing but it will do...

            1. Tamarind Thai in Miami Beach (71st Street a few blocks west of Collins Ave.). Very mellow place with great service. Chef has a few places in London but this one is apparently more casual.

              1. My favorite Thai place, bar none, is on Commercial Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. Excellent traditional Thai as well as some incredible daily specials. There are some other good suggestions here but...

                Here are a couple of links to reviews:



                Thai Spice
                1514 E. Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

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                1. re: Randy K. Lay

                  i was in ft lauderdale on business yesterday. three of us went to thai spice because we heard it was the best thai around. we were not disappointed.

                  set back from commercial blvd in a non descript strip mall, its dark windows hide the cool, inviting restaurant inside. 12:30pm and the place was full. the walls of the small vestibule is crammed with awards and glowing reviews.

                  while waiting for our table, we asked the man at the front (he's one of the sons of the owners) about the place, what the best dishes are, and what he recommended for us to eat). he rattled off four or five suggestions. without us paying attention, he ducked into the kitchen and came out with three cocktail forks, each holding a sample of the appetizer special - flash fried calamari in a chile sauce - for us to try. perfectly fried with a flavorful and warm-heat sauce. they were great. we were impressed by his generosity and at that very moment, we knew we were in for a great meal.

                  after a short five minute wait, we were seated in a large booth and were promptly greeted by our waiter, raymond. he flawlessly recited a half dozen specials in great detail. we ordered drinks and immediately requested an order of the calamari to share. drinks came quickly and orders were placed. the generous order of calamari was excellent. soups followed. my colleagues had hot and sour and won ton, which they said were very good. i had a blue crab soup that had a coconut milk and lemongrass base and three crab claws - fantastic. the others tried it and they were wowwed. each of them ordered a grouper special, one with a chile sauce and one with a thai basil cream sauce. i tried both and they were great. i ordered shrimp and scallop in a green curry sauce that came out on a sizzling metal plate (kind of how fajitas are served) with some fresh vegetables and side of white rice. it was incredibly good. no room for desert. total bill was $89 + tip.

                  our experience was great. the service was impecable and food was excellent. well worth it. we will go back the next time we are in town.

                2. Jasmine Thai in Coconut Creek. About a half hour drive from Ft. Lauderdale.

                  1. As a Thai in Fort Laud. I would recommend Thai Bayshore on US. 1 just south of Commercial Blvd. (on the east side of US 1, between Dunkin Donut & Subway). It's the most authentic Thai in Ft. Laud. excellent papaya salad, sticky rice and Thai basil stir-fries.

                    1. Siam River in North Beach is divine. Enjoy!



                      1. Pan Ya Thai is North Miami is by far the best Thai place I have found in Broward or Miami-Dade county. Really authentic with a menu that had several Thai items not offered at typical Thai places.

                        Pan Ya Thai Restaurant
                        520 NE 167th St
                        Miami, FL
                        (305) 947-5594

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                        1. re: richw


                          Pan Ya Thai in Miami is supposed to be VERY authentic!

                          Sushi Toi (in Broward; on US1; west side accross from golfing range between oakland and commercial blvd). Sushi toi is open to 3:00am with kareokee but I strongly recommend that you get there before 11:00pm and eat when their chef named "Chuan" is working there. It will be the best tom yum soup you have ever had and they have dishes you will not see anywhere else. They have a thai and american menu and thai people come to eat here in the evening after they get done working at other thai resturants including their chefs!

                          1. re: richw

                            This would be my pick as well ;-)

                          2. There is a GREAT little known Thai restaurant in Coral Springs. It is called Osha Thai. Its on the NE corner of Atlantic and Coral Springs Drive. As its in a quiet plaza, there's rarely a wait and the value is amazing. Its a family run business and they aim to please. Check out their specials.

                            Osha Thai
                            10613 W Atlantic Blvd
                            Coral Springs, FL 33071
                            954 227-2122

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                            1. World Resources on the Lincoln Rd Mall in South Beach has the best green papaya salad I've had outside of Thailand so it's a destination for me. This is not a "nice authentic place" but can't be beat for people watching. They serve sushi too (go figure, I guess this is just how it is in FL.)

                              1. Here's a relatively new place - Thai Kimono in Deerfield Beach. Okay, this is a sushi-Thai place but chef/owner is from Thailand and my wife and I really enjoy her cooking. Here's a link to the Sun-Sentinel listing and their web site.



                                Thai Kimono
                                61 S. Federal Highway
                                Deerfield Beach, FL