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Jan 26, 2006 08:24 PM

Fernandina Beach

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Any suggestions for tasty places in Fernandina Beach? Love to hear about special occasion restaurants as well as local best values. Thanks.

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  1. There is the Florida House, a family style place where you pass the food around. The Ritz Carlton on the island has a great brunch. My fav is not in fernandina but under the bridge leading to the island. Its simply called Down Under. They have great seafood

    1. beech st. grill

      1. Any input on "Joe's Pub" in Fernandina Beach?

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          Had an excellent dinner at Joe's 2nd Street Bistro in Fernandina Beach. Nice, meaty crab cakes as a starter. I had duck breast, prepared medium rare as requested that was presented over assorted oriental vegetables in a tangy, soy-based sauce. A very interesting, reasonably-priced wine list yielded us a fun bottle of an Argentinean cab blend.

          We also had dinner on night at The Down Under was was extremely underwhelmed. The broiled shrimp I had were tiny shrimp with simply some variation of Old Bay sprinkled over them. We went in with a hankering for oysters, but were disappointed to not see them on the menu. Our waitress never mentioned them when she recited the "specials". Imagine our astoundment when just as we finish our appetizers, the table next to us is served a tray of shucked oysters. The waitress' reply to our inquiry about them was, "we have them now and then".