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Jan 21, 2006 10:10 PM

Michael's Kitchen (Hollywood)

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I like to use this site to promote great places that I've been so everyone can enjoy them. However, occasionally I feel it is necessary to post a negative review. I'm only doing it to save you money. This place charged South Beach prices and was not good. Not even close.
It was Cheesecake factory light. (and that is being kind)(oh and double the price) I don't get the hype at all. If this place were on South Beach it would last one week(ok two) tops, trust me. The drinks were good though

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  1. I have to agree with this post. We had an 8pm reservation and sat at 9:15. The staff was as nice as can be about it but they were totally disorganized. By the time we sat we were ready to dissapointment. The food was not good and the prices were VERY high. Tuna martini was fair but seabass main dish was dry and bland and the risotto came out cold and lifeless. Get a drink there and go some place else for dinner!

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      Out of curiousity, is the 'tuna martini' served in a big martini glass like some of the trendy sushi restaurants are now doing with sashimi dishes? My DH hates it when they serve his sashimi that way -- he feels it's a pain to eat and the height obscures the view of your guests across the table. And if the sashimi is good, it doesn't need a cutesy dish. We wonder where this trend came from.

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        That's the one. Very hard to eat.

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        Yeah, I didn't even want to discuss the wait.... Apparently the kitchen was backed up and the Chef told them not slow down the seating.

      3. Finally some agreement on Michael's!!! I have posted on this place in the past. I totally agree - overpriced, not very good food, ridiculous presentations, etc., etc., etc. I have been there several times (not for a while, though) and have been unimpressed on many levels on each visit. I can't figure out how this place has a following. I can't imagine it's because Hollywood doesn't have that great a selection. You can drive in any direction for a very short time and find dozens of places better.

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          Yes, I recall reading your post and actually stayed away the past couple of months because of it. I figured I'd give it a shot after hearing good things about it (not on this board though) I was dissapointed and I'll leave it at that. (Sea bass, Jambalaya, Eggplant app, Tuna martini)

        2. What does "Cheesecake Factory light" mean?

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          1. re: Beachbum

            Sorry about that. I should have said Cheesecake Factory Jr..... (Not as good as Cheesecake etc)

            1. re: sobewood

              for the record, Cheesecake factory is fine when you are going to Cheesecake factory....

          2. Thanks very much for your thoughtful review. I'm glad they continue to fill that area with restaurant tenants (hopefully more that are able to stay) -- but I'll stick to the better options.

            1. I totally agree with your review. We tried it, for the first time, when they were on Sheridan St... since friends gave it rave reviews. Well, we apologetically reported, at that time, that the prices were high (it was basically a deli back then, with several tables!!!!).
              When they moved, we figured, why not give it another shot, perhaps we were wrong, and everyone else was right??? Wrong.... we were right. We'll never go back for the substandard food and waaaaay up there prices. I just realllly wonder at all the folks who are standing in line, WITH reservations, to eat there & to be seen there?????????????????