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Jan 11, 2006 07:49 AM

Dim Sum in Sarasota or Tampa areas?

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New to this area, but one thing I miss is heading out on the weekends to a Dim Sum house. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. In Tampa, you can go to either TC Choy's on Howard or China Yuan on N. Armenia.


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    1. re: RibDog

      china yuan makes wonderful dim sum...i dream about their shu mai...enjoy

      1. re: sandra

        i like China Yuan best, too. although they don't appear on the menu, you can also order various Chinese veggies (whatever is in season) as sides. Bok Choy with garlic--- heck yeah.

    2. China Yuan and TC Choy's are your best, and as far as I know, only hopes. China Yuan, in a strip shopping center on N. Armenia near Waters, is cheaper and more casual but high quality. TC Choy's, on S. Howard's restaurant row, is a tad more expensive with a bigger, more bustling and more polished atmosphere, with the additional attraction of dim sum carts on weekends. Depends on what you're looking for but you can't go wrong with either one.

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      1. re: Bergerman

        They must be doing the carts on the weekdays also. I was there for lunch two weeks ago on a Tuesday and the cart was making its way through the room.


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          the idea of the carts is nice, but every time i went to choy's, all the hot items were cold by the time i got them. cold, soggy fried items, ech. China Yuan makes them to order.

          Ho Ho Choy's on Fletcher and Dale Mabry used to feature a dim sum menu, but i haven't been there in years.

          1. re: andy huse
            Tandoori Girl

            I've never experienced cold dim sum from Choy's. But I always go right at noonish when it is mobbed. The carts are bustling, the steamers are steaming. It is hot to trot! You have to ask for it immediately or you're out of luck, it's gone. I think it ranks with some of the better dim sums I've had in major cities. And being able to see the items is a draw -- I've probably eaten a few things that I ordinarily wouldn't.

            Cold would be awful, but I've never had it anyway but hot and steaming at TC Choys. That is very surprising to hear.

            1. re: andy huse

              Ho Ho Choy is now at 1441 E. Fletcher Avenue, east of I-275. They still have dim sum at very reasonable prices. T.C. Choy can be expensive. My husband and I ate there and the bill came to $45 for dim sum.

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          1. I am posting again to recommend Marbos chinese on 4th street in St. Pete, Florida. Great buffet but do not go too late. Also they have Mongolian Barbeque made to order. Clean,great service,
            and a nice atmosphere!


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              I dunno about Marbos -- the last time I was there I had the second worst food I've ever had, and it really seems to be the same tasteless brown sauce you get at every buffet in Florida, sadly. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is looking for the Chinese food you get in NYC and San Francisco.

            2. TC Choy use to be the best Dim Sum in Tampa about 3-4 years ago. Since then I think they changed chefs 2 times since the quality and (for lack of better term) presense of the Dim Sum changed. You can tell by how some items are no longer available and the way the har gao is made.

              China Yuan (Water and Armenia) and Ho Ho Choy on (Feltcher before I275) to me is better quality and pricing but they lack the variety that TC Choy offers.

              In Tampa if you want the authentic experence (aka dim sum carts) and variety then TC Choy.

              If you want pricing and dim sum quality then China Yuan or Ho Ho Choy.

              Personally I would drive to Orlando to Changs or Golden Locus on the weekend for Dim Sum.