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Jan 3, 2006 06:23 PM

st pete area cheap eats

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Right! I appreciate that many are OK with paying $200 plus for a 'dining experience'. You certainly can do that in the St Pete & Gulf Beaches area. However as a worker in Florida's 'bus boy' economy I CAN'T. How about a string re CHEAP EATS in the area..really GOOD as well as cheap would be a plus, but not essential. I define cheap in 2006 as a decent MEAL for around the $6.00 mark or under...mol. The area is restaurant wise already highly competitive but it would be good to know some good cheapies other than my 'regulars'...which to start this out, include: KATRINA'S on 34th St N (US 19)@ around 38th Ave. Open 24 hrs, diverse crowd, actually pretty good chow, most full diners under $6. AND, the always popular BUSY BEE CAFE on 49th St N near Park blvd in Pinellas Park. A great roast pork plate under the $6 mark & lots of other good stuff. Food a cut above here. In my opinion ALWAYS the best choice is a Chinese Buffet for LUNCH only...(Marbo on 4th St N) GOOD Chinese (an EXCELLENT hot & sour soup) and the real $$ saver, NO NASTY TIPPING! Got any good ones...and please let's keep it $$$ chains & real food!

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  1. Mid-Peninsula Seafood on 49th St. S. at 6th Ave. is an excellent inexpensive place for seafood. Mexico Lindo on Park Blvd. at about 61st St. N. is an authentic mexican place.

    When I think of more I will post them.


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      You are right about mid-peninsula seafood on 49th St S. Wonder if they still have the sea bass 'fish sandwich' specials? A real deal. Dinners/plates are above the 'cheap' mark, but the seafood is great, AND mostly self serve so a BIG savings - no nasty TIPPING!
      (Don't forget to LOCK your vehicle...?? area.)

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        also georges rotisserie in downtown st pete, so tasty and cheap. and tangelo grill very good cuban sandwiches

    2. Can we do the same for Tampa...Tampa Cheap Eats.

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        I started a "Best of" thread down below. Add the cheap eats category to it if you know of any.


      2. Try Lee's Seafood, Webb's Plaza on MLK in St. Pete. Humble place with great fried fish at prices you'll love.

        1. Hello, visiting ST PETE very soon from the U.K. with my large family, so need loads of different very cheap places to eat.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
          Will return the offer to anyone visting ST MARYS BAY in the U.K.

          1. The Lanna Thai on Bay Pines Blvd has several lunch items for $5.99 that include egg roll, soup, main course and rice. We have eaten there several times and have been happy with the food and service. See the following link for further information and directions.