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Dec 26, 2005 11:27 AM

? good sushi and chinese food or vegetarian food in Boca?

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Looking for good sushi and chinese food in Boca
dim sum?

or just any general good food in the area. willing to drive 20-30 minutes outside of boca.


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  1. Hi-

    We go to the ALL you can eat BUFFET at Kyoto on Powerline between Glades and Palmetto...WE love it...

    Also for EXPENSIVE sushi- there is
    Mido's Japanese Restaurant
    (561) 361-9683
    508 Via De Palmas
    Boca Raton, FL 33432

    Mido's is in Royal Palm Plaza on Federal Hwy-used to be know as the pink shops...Their's is excellent but for the cost and variety, you cannot beat KYOTO'S...

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    1. re: andy

      Sorry I misspelled the name----but it is terrific!

      Kyojin Buffet

      21073 Powerline Rd
      Boca Raton, FL 33433 Phone: (561) 218-1708

      1. re: andy

        The sushi buffet restaurant on Powerline between Glades and Palmetto is KYOJIN, not Kyoto's. Highly recommend Kyojin - lunch $8.95, weeknight dinner $16.95 all you can eat Japanese salads, sushi, sashimi, tempura, hibachi grill, udon soup, miso, 6 different flavors of ice cream, including green tea. Weekends are $18.95 (they offer snow crab with the buffet). Lunch has less sushi than dinner, but even then it's plenty.

      2. Only really memorable food I've had within 20 minutes of Boca is Dona Raquel for Mexican, in Pompano Beach, on South Dixie Highway. It's the real thing. Search further down the board for reviews (esp. by s.m. koppelman).

        If it's still there, Inca Grill in Boca was very good Peruvian food, too.

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        1. re: Marty L.

          Inca Grill is still there -- we had dinner there a few weeks ago. It's on Federal Hwy and 20th, just north of Glades. It is a wonderful place, but may not have a lot of choices if the OP is a vegan or ovo-lacto vegetarian. I am ovo-lacto and had the most amazing avocado salad there (avocado heaven with really good salad vegetables), and when the chef came out and learned I was a veg, she said she will make a special veg dish for anyone who asks. If the OP eats fish, however, then there are a million options there.

          As a vegetarian who recently moved to Boca, I'm slowly finding new favorites. I love Cafe Eilat which is a fantastic Dairy Kosher restaurant (therefore lots of veg dishes, plus some fish). It's one of the better kosher restaurants I've been to, w/ nice atmosphere and service. I enjoy Kyojin Japanese Buffet on Powerline south of Glades -- it's not the best Japanese food and sushi, but it's good and there are lots of veg options (love the seaweed salads). There's delicious Italian at Lilly's, a cute trattoria on Palmetto Pk Rd east of Federal. And I've heard great things about Lemongrass, a Thai restaurant on Atlantic Ave.

        2. s

          Since your willing to drive 20 minutes, Sunfish Grill in Pompano is one of the best meals in the Delray-Boca area I have had in 20 years of visits. Marks in the Park in Boca is sometimes very good,though not nearly as good as his original.

          1. Pine Garden in Boca has some passable Chinese fare, but its real attraction is the special all-vegetarian menu with some interesting manipulations of soy and gluten "meats". Nothing here is truly great, but if you want a 100% vegetarian menu (no fish sauce or pork stocks), this is one of the only places around that I know of.

            I'd recommend the teriyaki "beef" skewers, even though they're not really teriyaki at all, instead a slightly sweet and garlicky peanut sauce served over perfectly fried gluten balls. The gluten in these is so shockingly tender that I would liken it to vegetarian pork rinds instead!

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            1. re: Dr Nick

              we absoluetly LOVE Pine Garden restaurant! They get their Mock meats from a place called House of Vegetables in NYC, and i gotta tell ya, if u havent eaten meat for mainly moralistic reasons as we have chosen, this is the BEST of both worlds! Try it and u will see! my favorite is the Duck L:'Orange, and the "spare ribs"... its on Federal highway in boca raton, by the fifth avenue shops... have fun!!!

            2. Sushi Yama in the Garden Shops Pamletto & Powerline